3 Walks and 3 Coffees near London in England

January 11, 2017

I try to find, wherever I go, a place with good hot drinks, amazing simple food (bakery mainly!), friendly staff and an atmosphere on its own.

What about coffeehouse chains?

I do appreciate some coffeehouse chains from time to time. When I don’t have another choice, some of them deserve our attention. I know that I can find some good things and a nice rest even if I cherish the principle of finding something more unique. But I will not name one here because today is about:

Woof cafe

I always try a double espresso with hot milk on the side everywhere I go. It’s my way of comparing the different places we try. And also I love it! We had two different kinds of bakery pieces both amazing. The two owners are fantastically friendly. To conclude this one wins the jackpot in my opinion, but apparently not only for me. The cafe has opened in April 2016 and has already been nominated one of the best coffeehouses in London.

A walk to join the Woof Cafe

If you want to add a nice walk to your coffee break to justify the delicious cookies and cakes you’ll indulge in; there are many possibilities in the area. A great walk is starting at Richmond station; then you pass the Richmond Road bridge. Follow the trail starting at the foot of the bridge along the river that will lead you to Orleans park. Keep going on the Riverside road and then the Embankment path. From there you will have to join the city centre of Twickenham because the path along the river stops. Going along the Jubilee Garden, you’ll arrive on King Street. Stay on the left sidewalk and follow Cross Deep road. Walk along or better in Radnor Gardens, then turn right on Waldegrave Road. Come to the Strawberry Hill House (you can visit if you want) and go through the gardens and St Mary’s Uni Park. Then you can go back on Waldegrave Road. Walk until you reach Teddington centre. If you go on your right, you will walk along Broad Street and find Woof Cafe. If you walk on your left side, you will go along High Street and see very nice shops and windows. There are also beautiful houses. You can take the train at the station. Station Road starts where Waldegrave Road ends.

A shop as well as a cafe to rest

It is sometimes difficult to find a place to rest for a while or warm up on a cold winter day. I had some difficulties during my walks in Richmond Park, on Kingston side. It’s a lovely little town, but the shopping area, including its cafes, is not so close to the Richmond Park.

We conveniently found the “Park Gate Cafe” on a freezing and humid day when desperately in need of a warming break. This nice little place is run by a very proud “100% pure Italian blood” as he calls himself. The first room is where you order and maybe seat. It’s far more fun to go to the back room. You have some tables in the middle of a tiny and colourful clothes shop.

Good Italian coffee

Coffee was really good, as well as the biscuits. There wasn’t much choice when we visited, but everything was perfect and fresh. A good place to go when in the area!

A walk in Richmond Park

This one is quite obvious. This park is gorgeous! There are such beautiful fauna and flora! You can walk around it or through it. You can start from the Richmond station and because there is a station in Kingston you have a choice to go back by train or bus from there or walk through the park again. From Richmond Station, join the Richmond Road Bridge but don’t cross it. Then walk along the riverside and walk through Petersham Meadow. Here you must go through small streets and even try to find the secret alley that will lead you right in front of the entrance of Richmond Park situated on A307 close to Cedar Heights. Feel free to navigate as you wish and don’t forget the park Gate Cafe!

Ruben’s Bakehouse

Another place for a good cafe, this time in Twickenham. We found this bakery when looking desperately for some good croissants on a Sunday Frenchy feeling morning. Because first, it’s a bakery. We came back from this day regularly for everything, including having a nice coffee time or a good quality breakfast. They have great baked products, including bread and pizzas. They have tables where you can enjoy the food you buy, from lunchtime they start the service. Everything is amazing, and the staff is great.

Ruben’s Bakehouse

They happen to have two addresses in Twickenham, but we go to the one on Heath Road.

A walk to join both Cafes and further

You can walk from Richmond Station to Richmond Road bridge. You cross it and keep walking on Richmond Road. When this road turns and crosses Rosslyn Road and St. Margarets Road, you’ll find your first Ruben’s. If you want to stop here, you can go back on your steps and enjoy walking along the river Thames. There are beautiful paths on both sides. You can keep walking, take the beginning of Cambridge Park and then turn right on a small alley called St Stephen’s Passage walk until the end; there is no other escape! From there you can walk through Marble Hill House Gardens and reach Orleans Gardens. Then follow the Riverside road, and The Embankment path, turn around the Diamond Jubilee Gardens on Wharf Lane to join King Street. Turn left and cross the street. Then take Heath Road, on the right-hand side sidewalk you’ll soon pass Ruben’s Bakehouse.


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