A Walk Along Scarborough Seaside in England

December 11, 2016
Along Scarborough South Bay seaside and harbour.

We start at the bottom of the lighthouse, waiting for one of the “Belles” of Scarborough to dive into the bay. Her “Belles” sister is not far from here. She is waiting somewhere in town.

Diving Belle by artist and blacksmith Craig Knowles

To escape the light-house dead end, let’s go back to the small harbour. Nevertheless, beware of pirates in here!

Scarborough Harbour
Anyone tempted by the fresh water?

Then it’s time to dive too. At least try to dive only your bare feet in the sand and the fresh water bringing tickling sensation. They are not used to anymore, not like during the summertime. Whatever, what’s the point of being so close to that living salted water if not to tempt the cool effect at least few seconds?

Scarborough beach walkers
Scarborough reflection

If you wait for the Sunday passers to go away after their morning walk, you’ll eventually have the beach all for you, waiting. That’s when at low tide she’ll give you her most beautiful portrait. An entire harbour reflected onto the sand.

Reflection on the sand
On your way back

It’s Sunday, and everything comes to an end. It’s time to head back to the station, take the train that will bring you back to London. On your way don’t forget to say “Hi!” to the very shy “Bathing Belle.” This one is more reserved than her diving sister. Both of them are representing the two kinds of reaction people will have confronted to Scarborough waters, or maybe in life even. Some dive into, some are to shy to try

Bathing Belle in Scarborough streets


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