A day visit in St Tropez In South of France

January 29, 2017
A little walk in St Tropez

For French aficionados, it’s a small town of great renown. It was once the heart of French movie industry and is now still famous for that even if no more actor or actress is to be seen in the area. This once celebrity created a will for satisfying stars’ needs. Regarding food, fashion, and some of those creations still live now. You will find them at the bottom of the post on the shopping list.

In St Tropez, you will find yourself a bit isolated from the rest of the Southern Coast. The town is still more or less surrounded by countryside and nature. This gives a sense of intimacy compared to the nonstop occupancy of the coastal territory. Coming back to the town itself, the first thing is that it’s the perfect place to have a winter picnic if the weather permits it and it certainly might!

Photo tips

To enjoy your visit, here are some little tips. Remember that it’s an old European style city, so streets are narrow. A good time to take photos is a long morning until mid-afternoon. After that, you will have more difficulties with the sun coming down and blinding your camera. You will end up with a collection of silhouettes at best. One or two is nice, but we don’t want them to be our unique memories. You must also remember that most shops are closed early afternoon.

Don’t forget, never forget I may say, to wander the back streets. The pier is famous and very touristy, but real local life is somewhere else. These small streets are charming. The citizens take great care of them. You can make tones of nice southern style street style photos. The harbour must be seen when the sun is still high so you’ll have great reflections on the water. Many artists are selling their work at the pier. If you can’t take any photo of the paintings on display, you can take them backward and record the scenery of painters and their work all the same.

Shopping traditional crafts and food

Backstreets are full of delicious and exciting shops. You can enjoy many French specialties. You will also find workshops crafting the Tropezienne sandals and other high-quality clothes. Here are some shops I noticed particularly:

La Pause Douceur where you’ll find delightful homemade sweets.

A bakery (actually several, you’ll find all the information you need on the website) where the “Tropezienne” cake (pronounce Tropayzien”) has been created. La Tarte Tropezienne

Some manufacturers of the sandals “Tropezienne”:  there are several, but Rondini is the oldest one. You can also find some at KJacques or Sandales Cote Mer.

Some good shirts: La Chemise Tropezienne

A “must-do” visit

To conclude, I will advise one visit, a small museum: “Musee de la Gendarmerie et du Cinema.” It’s about the stars and movies which once came to St Tropez. The name of the museum comes from a French movie series “Le Gendarme de St Tropez” which was telling the adventure of a hilarious policeman in St Tropez area. Several actors playing were quite famous, and the series was very popular. If some have always agreed to say that it is interesting only for simpletons, it remains that when one episode is programmed, they still have a large audience of all ages. Maybe sometimes stupid is what people need to relax! Find more information here.

Enjoy your visit!


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