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Postcard From Toronto Canada For October

October 11, 2017

This post may be a Toronto postcard, but I must admit I’m writing enjoying our usual Thanksgiving cabin break, of which I will share some photos later.

It’s an ideal time of the year for me to take some distance from everything. This is even more accurate this year as the past 18 months have been full of unexpected and life-changing events.

So here I am, taking some time for me, for this blog, in both cases I like to watch from the far. I don’t share much on social media in October; I don’t write much on the blog either. What I do is some background work and thinking.

For this week I’m sending you a sum up of what we’ve done and seen in Toronto since we arrived.

September in Toronto

First Toronto postcard: this city is a more than multicultural!

Here 80% of the population was born outside Canada. So it’s a common thing to meet some celebrations of a culture or another during the weekends.

Toronto is a growing city

There are so many people visiting for work or moving in permanently, that many buildings are springing up each year. The public transports from and to the city are also growing, bringing to the city a great dynamism.


A getaway in Toronto!

We wanted to have some time off. Off our moving in process mainly and all the resulting tumult. We, nevertheless, didn’t want to go far as we’d been on the roads for 8 weeks. We chose to spend a relaxing weekend in one of the top floor bedrooms of the Delta Marriot Hotel. For a worry-less booking, we always use as they provide the perfect choice we need as a family or a couple when we fancy a romantic getaway. They also facilitate cancellations if required, but also an exciting membership reward.

We couldn’t choose better. Situated downtown, the hotel offers a fantastic view over the Harbour, the islands and the CN Tower. We had a great lounge where to rest and enjoy some good food and beverages. We also had all-day access to some tea, coffee, juices and biscuits. The pool and Turkish bath are a must to relax in our opinion. All this was managed by a kind and friendly staff!

Aerial views from everywhere

We’ve been enjoying some views of Toronto that are breathtaking. If you happen to follow this blog you already know that I’m a huge fan of these views from above. Well, here in Toronto, there are many places to enjoy them. Whether from inside, meaning tall buildings, or outside, meaning gardens.

Ice-cream, coffees and more

The multiculturalism of this city is, of course, showing in the food. Various restaurants, eccentric cafes and gorgeous ice-creams are easy to find in Toronto. iHalo Krunch was our crush this month! It’s colourful, beautiful, tasteful, in one word perfect!

Some endless walks

And of course, we walked, I walked a lot to wander these familiar and less familiar streets. Street art is present everywhere. Toronto offers an open-air museum for its people expression. Whether it’s personal or official, there’s always a little something that reminds you that in these big glass-buildings human-beings are thinking and dreaming.

Walks are also the way to feel the contrast between the eldest mansions, carefully preserved and restored and the more recent constructions.

Allan Gardens Conservatory

I want to underline the Allan Gardens Conservatory, that I enjoyed. A tiny delicate green island nested in the heart of the city. Everything here is a delight for the eyes, from the outside or the inside. Another beautiful greenhouse on my list!

The Waterfront another Toronto postcard not to be missed!

And to finish this Toronto tour, my favourite all year long is the Toronto waterfront. At any time of the day, or the year, with any weather conditions, this place is my place to breath. It’s always surprising, always different, and yet never deceiving and forever here when I need it.

With this last postcard from Toronto, in the meantime, if you enjoyed this Toronto postcard and wanted some more information about what to do in Toronto, check my post about 11 reasons to leave right now and enjoy the winter in Toronto where you’ll find places to visit and enjoy all year long too!

Farewell, see you next week!


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