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3 Ways To Manage Work Withdrawal

Teach yourself to manage work withdrawal, by taking time to have a regular break from your work. Withdrawal is a strong word used in case of addiction. It can be for severe addiction regarding drugs, or for more common ones let say like sugar. What these have in common is the fact that they are […]

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Fresh air
Body Health | Life and Goals

A Cup Of Fresh Air During The Winter

Wintertime is meant to be cozy. We crave for comfort food, hot drinks and soft blankets. We love spending the day inside if our schedule allows it. But what about fresh air? Especially in North America and large cities where every home beneficiates of air conditioning systems, we tend to forget the importance of fresh air […]

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Get Organized | Life and Goals

10 Tips To Plan Your Day Efficiently

Let’s be honest; you must plan your day! But planning with efficiency is even better. Here are few things that will help you go through your daily schedule smoothly while being more productive. To begin with, here are some reminders to manage well throughout your day: 1- Do not overschedule This point is the most obvious […]

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Body Health | Life and Goals

8 Tips To Gain Time For Self-Care

Whether we are travelling or not, self-care and comfort times are crucial for anyone, anywhere, whatever the means. The speed of modern life We run from one appointment to the other, we have a job that we love or not, and we have obligations. Our schedules are overly busy. This “exciting” life that we are […]

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16 Boxes: How We Move Overseas

To speak the truth, I’ve been postponing this post again and again. I wanted to find a fun and exciting way to talk about our minimalist move abroad. Well, in the end, I don’t think there’s a fun way to tell about moving. Moving is dull, stressing and tiring. It’s now been three months since we […]

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