A Good Start: Simplify, Refocus, Get Organized

Welcome, dear Busy Devoted Mom!

This website is meant to inspire, help, and motivate you.  But first I want to explain what I mean by “Busy Devoted Moms”: every mom is different, but many of us are so devoted to others, being family small or large, job fulfilling or not, or anyone in their life, that they tend to forget about themselves completely.

Sometimes this situation goes on for years, I can tell about it, it happened to me! Whichever Mom you are, if you are struggling with the simple and necessary act of balancing your life, if you feel empty and exhausted, this website is for you. Just keep reading!

What will you find?

Simply your way through your life!
I’ve dedicated a massive part of my life to my family and managing everything around it, including my professional life. After almost 20 years of this practice in various extreme and unusual situations, I guess that makes me a “Mom” expert.

I have done a lot, and then a lot more research on the subject. One issue is coming back again and again: overwhelming. Many Moms if not every Mom is feeling overwhelmed at least at some point in her life. Don’t worry; I’m here to help. Just keep in mind that “Simplify – Refocus – Get Organized,” is your best tool. Then, we’ll go far together, whether you want to feel better in your body and soul, or want to achieve personal and professional goals!

An online school is on its way!

Follow me on this journey: I’m slowing down my blog posts because I’m working on the “WoMoms Online School.” If my blog is already grabbing your attention, stay tuned and get your desires and passions ready for my next step.

As for me, my passion is finding how to make it work to achieve goals with the life we have. My goal is to create an online school to share my passion and my knowledge and help others, so they don’t have to walk on this road alone.

Why a school and not one on one coaching? A few years ago, when I was lost with my brilliant career behind me, I didn’t know what I wanted next. If you’ve told me then about hiring a personal coach, I would have denied the need for such an investment. My first go to excuses would have been: “I’m not worth the time, energy and money for this! I don’t even know what I want from a coach!”
In my opinion, an online e-course is the best way to start from scratch when we have new a project. This website is the first guide I would have wanted to find. I’m giving it to you so that you can later before figuring out if you’re going to fly solo or hire a business coach or a life coach.

How can you benefit from my experience

I realized that if each new step in my life is a complete discovery, in the whole scheme, I have a good knowledge of dealing with new challenges, whether being chosen or not. That’s what I want to share.

I want to help each Mom, young or less young, with a paid job or staying at home, any Mom who struggle with finding balance in her life. This blog is for me, and it’s for you. It’s me managing a little bit of everything for my family and living intensely but always smoothly.

However, I have to warn you

This blog is about our family and what I’ve learnt through the years to make us healthy and have fulfilled life. It’s about family, but it’s meant to help Moms personally, not to help them take care of their kids. There are already many blogs about parenting. If that’s what you are looking for, you are not on the right website. But, if you want to include more “me-time” in your life, you came to the right place!

So whatever your goals are, let’s work on them together. If you don’t have any goals yet, that’ ok too. A few years ago it was my biggest problem, and I found my way through this also. We can work on this together too!


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