Being On Earth Is An Adventure


I’m addressing this website for women like me, who chose to offer a huge or a small part of there lives to there family. Having children is a life-changing event, and if some can manage to keep moving forward without sacrificing too much of there soul and schedule for their loved ones, some like me get involved, let’s say, more.

I want to make it clear. Far from me the idea of judging any Mom. I admire the one who succeeds gracefully to keep that necessary time for themselves. But I understand the ones who care so much for this little tribe we created that they forget their own wellbeing. For being one of those, I find it to be a blessing every day. If I will never have an ounce of regret in doing so much for them, I found out after I turned 40 that I needed something for me too.

Being a Mom is a fantastic adventure, and every Mom on this planet is the bravest. But doing our best with our little (or grown up) ones doesn’t mean we do our best for ourselves. I learnt it the hard way.

I want you to understand why I’m here on this website talking to you

You can read this blog to know how exciting our life is. But to make it easier for you, this is the short one. I’ve started in France being an entrepreneur at 24 after my first child was born. 18 years ago it was not very common especially for young people, especially for a woman. People called me “risky,” but I didn’t care, I made it. My husband followed my path 3 years later after our second child opened her eyes to this world. People called us “crazy” and once again we couldn’t care more about what others would think.

Three years after that, we created an IT Company and did pretty good with it for 7 years. People just stopped commenting on our actions (hurray). Within these 7 years, we decided to move to Canada. We started a new life from scratch, our son and daughter were 9 and 6 at the time.

Then we decided to move to an English Canadian Province. The challenge for my husband and children was to go from working full French to work (study) full English. I made myself entirely available for them to sooth the change. We made it together, with even more work on the school and job tasks, and most importantly on ourselves.

It’s never the end

There’s one point where you think you’re all set and ready to enjoy a steady life. Well, it wasn’t our case. Next chapter, 2 years later we thought we could give one last chance to Europe, and moved to London in the UK. We started again from scratch, at 40+ this time. We adapted, at least we tried, we loved this country, but realized we couldn’t make it there because our hearts stayed in Canada.

Then, here we are, in Toronto again, almost but not entirely, starting from scratch once again (for the 4th time in less than 20 years). I was exhausted by this last change but so happy. It was like everything was falling into place. But I was exhausted nevertheless. It became even more challenging when we realized that my husband had to spend 4 days a week in Montreal which is more than 1-hour flight from Toronto. I had to manage everything on my own, from moving in and the back to school and figuring out what I was going to do on myself after my 3 loves were on their tracks.

This is where I am now

I’m 42 years old, I a Mom of 2, a wife of 1, and I collected so many professional tags in 20 years that I don’t have enough fingers for them. I just found myself without a recognized career, an income. I was tired, with some health issue not helping the exhaustion even if entirely manageable. On the top of that, I wasn’t quite fit with no significant weight problem, but the usual few kilos added through the years, no mental illness, but not quite healthy nevertheless. An average middle-aged woman.

January 2018, I realized that I’ve already been through so much, that I could manage this self-review and self-improvement too! I’m still working on it obviously. I’m not 20 anymore, and I can’t expect to have changed my whole life in three months just like a teenager would do. But I’m happy with the first results.

I found why I want to share my experience

The most important change is about the blog. I realized that if each new step in my life is a complete discovery, in the whole scheme of my days on earth, I have a good experience of dealing with new challenges, whether be chosen or not. That what I want to share.

I want to help each Mom, young or less young, with a paid job or staying at home, any Mom who struggle with finding balance in her life. This blog is for me, and it’s for you. It’s me managing a little of everything in our family life to live it intensely but always smoothly.

This blog is about our family and what I’ve learnt through the years to make it a healthy one. It’s also a little bit about our travels because they’ve been our dreams and passion since the beginning. This blog is about achieving not your goals, but your dreams. Make them your new goals, and let’s work on that together!

Hi, I’m Gaelle!

I’m French, and I fell in love with Canada a decade ago. I love my family above all things, but unexpectedly I have other passions on my own. Apart from the ones I use to run this Blog, I love forests and waters of all kind, Coriander, chocolate, I have a passion for Blue Doors (I must find one in any new place I go!). I am intolerant to several foods with health issues going with it, so I’ve changed my diet to vegan (almost, let’s say 98%). I love discovering a new book, but always try to buy a kindle version. Because above all, I hate chores, as I want to leave in a clean space, I decided to simplify, and then minimalize.

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