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4 inspiring minimalists for spring cleaning

May 10, 2017

If you’re following this blog for some time, you certainly understand that minimalism is leading the way we travel and live.

SageOnEarth minimalism

We travel light, and we live light. This came through the years and it, more or less, began during our first move when we were young parents. I will not give a detailed list of our possessions or luggage. I will sum it up:

2003 move from Paris to Paris 45m3 and two toddlers.

2016 move from Toronto to London, 1.5m3 two teenagers almost young adults.

What changed? I was surprised that I was able to sort two 100l rubbish bags before the move: how could we own 200l of useless things?! It seemed a lot of stuff to me at the time. Afterward, I realized it was nothing indeed. Through the years, I understood that it should almost be the other way around. We don’t care that much about a lot of things. We prefer to remain as free as modern life and raising children could allow us to be.

Our minimalist rules

Each one creates his/her/their own rules, so here are the ones that are important to us.

  • keep nothing that is not useful or does not matter
  • cherish what we decided to own or live with
  • continually refocus on what’s essential therefore know what’s important!

This is true for every aspect of life: objects, projects, activities and maybe relationships. I do not believe minimalism is reason enough to end a couple-relationship. What I want to question here, is the fact to reduce to a “minimalist” act something as crucial as that. I merely believe that we make choices so that we, and our close family, find happiness as far as possible. Minimalism is here to guide us and help us cherish what we have, or achieve what we are aiming for. It is not an excuse in any way.

That being said, let’s go back to our special spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning with minimalism

It’s time to clean houses!!! It’s also a perfect time to figure out how we could manage to have less to dust, pack, sort, etc. I won’t write a full post about minimalism because many bloggers and writers are doing this to the perfection. Anyway, if you want to have ideas about

  • having more time during your weekends and holidays instead of cleaning the garage
  • pay less for rent, mortgage, storage, car, insurances, TV, etc. the list can be endless here
  • have a free mind from time to time. No more: “Oh god I shouldn’t enjoy time with my kids playing when I have such a mess to clean in my cupboard or tons of paperwork to sort.” Of course, I mean, you could always enjoy your time with your kids when I don’t know… they will have kids on their own?
  • My last one will be: “etc.” Because each one of us has its duties and what I want you to sort out is not your things, but your priorities.

My Helpers

Surely you could use a little help here. I started on my path toward minimalism 14 years ago. Since then, I’ve read a lot of inspirational people to help me be more efficient along the road. This is another trip I will help you with, not by writing a guide but, by giving you a list of profiles, bloggers, and writers that helped me. I hope they will help you enjoy your life rather than your stuff.

Some of them are writers and bloggers, both on Instagram and Pinterest; I will give you only one link for each one of them to keep it simple and to allow you have a wide range of material in the same time. I also want to invite you to do your research. These are the starting points, not the finishing line!

Instagram minimalism with @simplifydays

Barbara is all in one of what I already mentioned: both simple and having a wide range of material to present minimalism. She will guide you and inspire you daily in various aspects of everyday life, allowing each one to find what suits him/her/them.

Pinterest minimalism with @simplyfiercely

For her considerable knowledge and experience over the years and the road. She certainly has many kilometres both on her “minimalimeter” and milometer… The lady is offering her wisdom after Barbara’s inspiration it’s the perfect addition! A plus is that she travels!

Minimalism in a book with Dominique Loreau

L’art de la Simplicité (The English Edition): How to Live More With Less

She was the first one, in my case anyway. Because she was already into sharing minimalism long before the others and maybe a little bit because she is French, but don’t worry this book is translated into English! Anyway, this book is a kind of minimalism bible or dictionary. Very easy to use, read. Simply perfect!

A blog and classes about minimalism with Courtney Carver

With “Be more with Less” because she is a great teacher, especially for the beginners. I want to say also because of her primary motivation: her health. This, I think, is a fascinating approach because it’s so much more powerful than adding simplicity to our lives.

A long journey

As I said, this is a starting point for an endless journey. Not in a negative way, but because simplicity like fitness is something you have to keep to. Just remember that a little walk each day is far easier than a huge one time jump from one cliff to another.


If you want more minimalism in your life:

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