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The very first SageOnEarth Slow Travel Guide Lyon, France is offering you some precious walks to discover “Vieux Lyon” (Lyon Old Town). To achieve this, we are sharing with you our favourite addresses to enjoy the pleasures of the capital of the French gastronomy. In this guide, you will find some places to sleep, travel tips and self-guided tours. Don’t miss our favourite photos in one ultimate album.

About this guide

This very first SageOnEarth Guide is about Vieux Lyon (Lyon Old Town). Through this guide, we will take you in some of the most charming streets of France, in a Renaissance spirit. First, you must know that Lyon is the third biggest city in France and one of the oldest. However, Lugdunum, as the Romans used to call it, was already a vibrant trading place 2000 years ago. The reason is, it’s strategically located on two hills: “La Croix Rousse” and “Fourvière” and between two rivers: the “Saône” and the “Rhône.”

Nowadays, the city is divided into 9 arrondissements, but we will focus on the oldest part of the town. Eventually, wandering through the “Traboules,” in the 5th arrondissement along the Saône river and the Fourvière Hill, will be at heart of this book. The Saône river and the cobblestone streets will delight you for a while with History as well as with Gastronomy. Let’s start!

Table of Contents

This online guide is as complete as its previous Pdf version but is not a book. The Table of Content wasn’t useful. However, it remains quite a long guide, so a simplified Table is here to help you go quickly through these pages:

This walk will guide you through Fourvière Hill and Vieux Lyon (old town) hopefully for you to enjoy the beauties of a Renaissance city at a slow personal pace...

A Historic Walk

Several Airbnbs and a hotel we loved... but also places where to have a good breakfast (you wouldn't miss the French baguette breakfast, or the "Viennoiseries" (French pastries) or a good traditional meal...

Sleep and eat

France is well known for its gastronomy, Lyon is know to be the capital of the French gastronomy. If you can easily find some delicious restaurants, you will enjoy so much more by wandering the streets, especially in Vieux Lyon, for some great shops and bring back to your room or even home delicious specialities... We also recommend some quality crafts here.

Shopping Gastronomy and More

If the old town seduced you, then you will love to discover its surroundings too! We invite you for another walk, along the Saone river this time. Even further, come and discover some of the most beautiful places in Lyon. If you have more time, you will also find some references for day trips around the city. Everything can be done without a car!

Explore Further around Lyon

Photo Album Lyon

The Maps you'll need along the guide are all here... with some link to interactive maps on Google.

Maps of Lyon

I also wrote a post dedicated to the very particular streets of Old Lyon:

The Traboules And A Taste Of Renaissance In France


All the links to this guide in one list!

Your walk links

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The Shop Eat and Sleep links

1- Shop



Savonnerie Rampal Latour:


Aux Azalees:


Le Petit Musee de Guignol:

La Petite Bulle:

2- Eat

Le Sirop de la Rue:

Voisin – Au Vieux Palais:

Peches Gourmands:

Le Comptoir de Mathilde:

Francois Pralus:

Antic Wine:

Secrets d’Apiculteur:

Chez Marie:

A la Traboule:

Le Luminarium:

A la Marquise:

La Fabrique Givree:

Terre Adelice:


3- Sleep


Suite St Paul:

La Suite St Georges:

La Suite St Jean:

Heart of Lyon:

Fourvière Hotel:

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