Where to Slow Travel this September

September 13, 2017

This September and but also in October!

Why travel now during the fall?

I have always preferred travelling during the fall, especially in September. It’s not too warm or too busy anymore. It’s not cold either. September has this particular warmish light, not too bright and just strong enough to see perfectly colours.

As a traveller and a photographer, September is my favourite time!

Where to?

It’s the best part of it! Fall happens to be a perfect place in most of the world. In some places where you should be aware of the monsoon season such as southern Asia, September is not yet to wet and surely is less touristy, even if “not busy” for these countries is not to happen anyhow.

My favourite places in Europe
Edinburgh, Scotland

Anywhere is, there again, the word! Nevertheless, I would particularly go to biggest famous cities. You can always find a remote corner in the countryside without any other tourists to share the place. It’s far more difficult to find a peaceful time in large cities. September is the month to enjoy Paris, London or Amsterdam as quietly as possible.

Northern cities are also a destination to consider: Prague, Oslo or Edinburgh (pronounce “Edinbrah”) will be an excellent choice too as the crispy temperatures are still very comfortable.

Roma, then any place along the French or Italian Riviera will be enjoyable too because it’s empty from tourists and not so hot. The best thing is that you will still be able to enjoy the beach, just much less busy. Don’t expect to have an exciting nightlife though, as the masses are gone seasonal places are closed.

Not the most ideal destination, or is it?
Marrakech, Morocco

In Northern Africa, the weather can become a little bit rainy in September, but it never lasts. You can still enjoy a great time without the oppressive summer sun. I would choose Morocco; it’s a safe, welcoming place. We’ve been going back again and again through the years, and this country never stops amazing me. It’s easy to go to, with so many different places to discover from the sea to the mountains. There are several beautiful cities to visit such as Marrakech of course but don’t miss, Essaouira or Chefchaouen, little jewels that are worth it.

If you leave in September, Asia is not too rainy yet, Malaysia is less visited than Thailand but has so much to offer.

In Southern Africa, September is quite fresh, but the temperatures are perfect for the ones who love walking and trekking. It’s not the ideal time to visit because it can still be rainy. Anyway, it’s far much pleasant weather than July and August.

Last but not least: enjoy the Indian Summer in October
Montebello, Canada

Of course, I can’t let this aside. Living in Northern America makes it obvious. This time of the year is perfect for travelling. Nevertheless, you have to know that many of the parks in Canada are closed, or at least many of the facilities are closed, after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving in Canada is the second Monday of October. So if you want to enjoy the red maple leaves, better come late September or beginning of October. Be aware though that this Indian Summer depends on the temperatures during the day and the night. This is a very precise phenomenon, so there is no possibility to know for sure when and where you will enjoy the most beautiful colours Canadian nature has to offer.

Even the most famous travel bloggers choose September

I won’t name all my favourite travel bloggers who are wandering the world all year long; these definitely can’t be in the September travellers for obvious reasons. Let’s see about the others, the one who has seen a lot already, the ones who have brought their suitcases in so many places.

The famous “A Lady In London” is an expert traveller (counting a hundred countries and a world round trip) and blogger, she is also a Californian expat in England.

She chose to leave for a month road trip in a van to tour Wales and England. She tells all about what she discovers on her Instagram account. What a better way to Slow Travel than living the VanLife!

The truth is she is right: September is a perfect time to discover Great Britain. The weather is what you want it to be to enjoy walking in the countryside. You will be able to enjoy both the trails and beaches quietly! The country is a big part of Great Britain; its green lands are one of the important aspects of the island. September and October offer this beautiful nature with different lighting which suits perfectly to the dramatic landscape.

Robin Hood’s Bay, England
Now it’s up to you!

I hope you’ll be able to travel this fall, if you manage to do so, let me know where you chose to go! But never forget that, wherever you go, time is the key. It’s better to see less and enjoy more.


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