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On the first row, you’ll find two different self-guided walks and the maps containing everything you can find in the guide.

On the second row, you’ll find some useful addresses to sleep and eat in our favourite neighbourhood, and some tips to walk around the city more easily, some links to things to do and places to go if you have more time in Amsterdam than a short/long weekend and an additional walk to the canal walk:”a circuit in the old town”.

Then you can find a link to our “Amsterdam Photo Album”, to enjoy some more views of this beautiful city.


If you want a short version of our favourite places to visit in Amsterdam:

10 Things We Did Not Do In Amsterdam Netherlands


This SageOnEarth Slow Travel Guide is about Amsterdam which is an increasingly popular destination these days. If you eventually decide to discover this “Venice of the North” you won’t be disappointed. Amsterdam though, can be disorienting. Its neighbourhoods are very different one from another. The purpose of this guide is to help you find a “Slow Travel” way of enjoying the beautiful city of Amsterdam without getting lost in the usual tourist traps.

This city is famous for its cheese and countless tulips, but there are so many more things to discover there. This place is a nest for artists and passionate craftsmen and women. Is there a better way to enjoy art than having it presented and explained by its creators? Don’t you think that indulging in their culinary specialties is the best way to understand a country and its people? Is there a better way to appreciate a well-deserved getaway than taking time to relax, wandering the streets, soaking up this atmosphere so unique to the canal cities? Water is soothing, water is peaceful, what a better place to have a break from your (too) exciting everyday life!

We are aware, and have seen, that some of Amsterdam’s specialties are not, let’s say, “family friendly”. This doesn’t mean that they will only attract anyone not travelling with kids! Don’t worry, there are many places in Amsterdam where you can walk and enjoy a slow life without passing by some less attractive businesses. That’s what this guide will be about. You can enjoy a city escape and know exactly where to go without losing time on too many disappointing experiments … Let’s start!

Our Favourite Neighbourhoods

The walks and places we present are all located in the Centrum area, or directly next to it. If the Old Town with its Dam square and trendy shopping area has the fame, Haarlemmerbuurt, Jordaan and Grachtengordel are quieter areas. They cover many interesting and typical Dutch places and some of the most beautiful canals.

This guide offers two walks, that you can enjoy in one or two days depending on your pace. However, we encourage you to take time to enter that small shop other there, this interesting gallery, or to follow the little street on the other side of the bridge for a while so that you can make the best of your Amsterdam experience.

If we want to share the SageOnEarth way of travelling by guiding your walks and wanderings, remember that the first rule we have is to enjoy the moment and follow your intuition.


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