About our Slow Travelling Family

SageOnEarth a Slow Traveling Family

We want to help busy families to find time and passion for travelling and showing their children the world a little bit at a time so they can gain more respect for themselves, others and nature.

Before knowing about slow travelling, what about travelling? Traveling is opening your soul and widening your mind and imagination. When you visit you don’t fight, you try to understand. Going to foreign places teaches us respect, for the people, for nature and ourselves.

We want you to travel more, whether through our blog or, better even, by yourselves. But first of all, we want to help you and give you the means to travel. You can achieve this more easily with a simple and meaningful life. We’d love you to embrace slow travelling for a purposeful journey!

Slow Travelling

It’s a way of discovering our beautiful world at a different pace. Different from what will you ask? Different from the usual tourist pace. For decades, travel agencies have developed tourism around the world. People can read books, watch travel channels on TV, discover the world through Internet very quickly today and want to see it all when they take the little time they have to leave for a vacation. It’s not possible. It takes seasons and years for journalist, guides, and photographers to achieve a complete understanding of a place.

Now, let’s take it from a different angle and try to make the best of what we have by understanding a place and its people, by indulging a new culture. Slow travelling involves taking time to wander the streets, embrace the ways of the locals, try different food, etc. In two words: “take time.” How long? As long as you need, to feel it rather than seeing it.

Let us take you on a Slow Travel Journey through the world and life!

The four of us

These two without whom this family wouldn’t be. This photo gives you a glimpse of my two favourite teenagers. Don’t be fooled by my eldest; he is playing on his phone only when in transportation if he is not sleeping. His own rules here! My daughter, well, you see pretty much by yourself that she has a mind on her own too and doesn’t like to have her photo taken when she is not in the mood!

Florian 17, has a passion for History and starts writing about it on his blog once a month: “Flo’s History”

Coralie 14 has a highly inventive mind. She shares her view of the world on Instagram, but keep beginning all over again! She has a sense of unsatisfaction regarding her creativity.

Didier from SageOnEarthMy partner in crime for wandering the world:

Didier 44, is the planner and avid online researcher of the family. He has both his feet on the ground but is always ready to get the family into one of his wife’s crazy new adventures. For travelling or moving, he manages everything on his own, no employer, no travel agency.

And then there’s me!

Gaelle from SageOnEarth

Gaelle 41, I am the writer, photographer, and daydreamer of constant travels and moves for the family. I was 21 months old when my parents decided I was old enough to sleep in a tent for one month in Norway. A yearly travel habit shaped the following years. It was only fair that when I met my husband, we kept on wandering the world. But I had to do it more often and more in-depth. As you will understand, I don’t like to share my children faces on the internet. I don’t like to share mine either, but this as more to do with the fact that I’m the photographer, I’m always on the wrong side of the camera! I have some pic of me though, so this is one of them: the face always hiding behind the lens and the keyboard!


Our story

We have been travelling for 17 years with kids, now teens. Our son was only 18 days old when he first got on a train journey across France. He waited less than 7 more months to have his first 7 hours-flight. Travelling was not enough for us. With classic school-schedules and day jobs, free time was too short. That’s when we decided a life-long journey: moving abroad.

We are starting a new life in each one of the different countries we want to know better: we’ve never been “expats”! Almost nine years ago, the four of us left France with no particular plan for a return. Since then, our daughter has spent more time abroad than in her homeland. Our first destination was the province of Quebec in Canada and now the province of Ontario. We have lived in England for one year, which felt like a sabbatical year, much appreciated and enjoyed, but now we are back in Toronto!

Our project

We can’t possibly name all the benefits our wanders have on our children education. But I will try to explain the most important one: being respectful.

Nowadays more than ever, people are under a permanent threat of terror acts, being personal or from groups. We sincerely believe this access to so many different cultures thanks to the internet, and all modern media brings knowledge we have to handle with care. We think we know everything and everyone, but we can only understand them by meeting them. This gap between what we think we do know and our feelings can end up in aggressive behaviour. It’s merely a way to protect ourselves from what we fear because we don’t understand it.

Travel, especially for families and young adults, because “they are the future,” is a way to get closer to a more peaceful world. Travel though can be overwhelming, especially for many of us who live a busy, stressful life. We managed to travel a lot all the same by living a simpler life and by adopting “Slow travelling” several decades ago.

The four of us love our lifestyle, we are proud of it. We want to tell about it to share our values. Respect represents the roots of our family values, through it, we teach the importance of fulfillment and intention in our acts. Simplicity and flexibility are the means we use to achieve that.


SageOnEarth in few figures


? 9 years of being citizens of the world

? ? on 2 different continents

?? ?? ?? in 3 different countries

living with 2 languages


✈ 22 years of travel

?‍?‍?‍? 17 years of travelling as a family and still asking for more

? ? ? 5 continents over 7

29 countries thoroughly

So far…

To know about our stories and wanderings dive into our blog!