Most Charming Hotel In Scarborough England

November 22, 2016


View of The Helaina Hotel, on the far left, and Scarborough North Bay, England, UK


The English Moors, a young girl dream!

When I was a young girl, I heard about “Mister Sherlock Holmes” the great detective. When I grew up a teenager, I read and watched the “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” I always dreamt of the Moors and the long walks during which he was disappearing. At that time I had a hope when I heard about “Les Landes” in France (“The Moors”). Traveling to foreign countries at that time was not so easy and remained an exception, especially for a family. So I thought for a short time that the famous moors were closer than I expected and then learnt to my greater deception that these were not the ones I was hoping for.

I waited, waited and waited. Thinking that surely one day the trip to that place would come. We left to Canada and didn’t come back that much to Europe except for visiting the family; the moors got further and further. Still maybe one day, who knows! Then we decided to move to England. Past the turmoil of settling down in a very new place and a different country, we started travelling again. And very very soon, The Moors were on the menu!

A romantic escape

My husband and I decided we could perfectly do with a romantic escape on our own! Our children have now grown up teenagers and can perfectly manage a day or two without us. We booked train ticket the Scarborough and found this lovely hotel on the top of a cliff in Scarborough. Everything was set, we simply had to buy enough food for our two little grown-up ones to make them happy for a couple of days!

Our hotel

This is how, this week, I am telling you about our stay in Scarborough and surroundings. Charming is the word that comes most easily to me when I want to describe the whole thing. But it is especially the case about the hotel we stayed at. The Helaina was a small cocoon on the beautiful windy Scarborough cliffs. The hostess, Jill, is an amazingly welcoming woman, she is also an excellent cook! We didn’t only book a room for a bed, we had a beautifully decorated bedroom, filled our bellies with a freshly made traditional English breakfast and enjoyed a nice chat with our hostess!

The view from the hotel is spectacular at heavy sea or on sunny days.


View from The Helaina hotel of the Scarborough Castle, England, UK

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