Visit Scarborough Castle In The UK

November 24, 2016

One of the most prominent buildings in Scarborough is the castle. It is prestigiously dominating the two parts of the city on the highest point of the cliffs of the area. The castle, at least what remains of it, is proudly representing the city and its history, fighting against the elements since the 12th century. The place was occupied centuries before that as there is proof that some of the remains are about 3000 years old.

You can take advantage of your visit and subscribe to the English Heritage.  You then may be tempted to visit some more beautiful places for free during one year. Nevertheless, the audioguide is very informative on numerous historical events and more casual stories. I was interested to learn that the castle was John Lackland greatest achievement. But the funniest thing is that his most famous enemy, Robin Hood, has apparently nothing to do with the very close Robin Hood village. ? Anyway if you want to learn more about the history of the castle read the English Heritage page and Wikipedia.


The Castle is ideally situated in the middle of the city of Scarborough. From the watch-tower, there is an interesting symmetrical view of the peninsula. On the right, you find the North Bay with a lot of hotels. On the left, the South Bay owns the city centre.


North Bay and South Bay of the city of Scarborough, England, UK

After improving your historical knowledge, you can go down the cliff following a lovely footpath to Scarborough Harbour and the Foreshore (South Bay then). There, you find shops, restaurants and the very famous Scarborough Fair? My husband has spent the entire weekend whistling that song. Is that part of “diving into the place atmosphere when travelling” thing?


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