SageOnEarth Voyages Farewell

This is it, one of the two times of the year I’m using as a break in my usual posts. For two weeks I’ll be reviewing everything I have written since January. This week is about my “Voyages” (Travels) category, presenting Postcards and photo guides. For the ones who have been following me for more than a few months now, you certainly have noticed that my blog has changed a lot.

No more voyages on the website

I have decided that I’m going to definitely go for a business based on simplicity for well-being, self-growth and goal achievements. I am embracing my life experience and my 20 years of professional experience fully. This blog is on its way to becoming a business which is my number one goal. I, therefore, won’t keep on posting about our travels. We keep travelling as much as we can considering our teenagers’ school schedule. But you won’t read about it on the blog anymore. However, I won’t delete my older posts so you will be able to find them on my Pinterest board.

But I want to acknowledge one last time all these beautiful memories. So here you have our last travel posts and guides:


Postcard from Marrakech in Morocco

Postcard from Venice colourful houses, Italy

Postcard from Vancouver


10 Things No One Tells You To Take On A Long Train Trip


A Postcard From Notting Hill, England


Photo Guide Paris Bridges, France


Photo Guide Unusual Subway Stations in Paris, France


Photo Guide Venice Islands, Italy


Postcard from The Great Lake In Winter


3 Ways To Slow Travel With A Venice Style Anywhere


A new direction and some projects

I sincerely hope you enjoy the direction I chose for the blog. We are working on several really exciting projects for the website, so stay tuned and keep posted!

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