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SageOnEarth Life And Goals Review 2018 First Semester

September 12, 2018

This post is more like a first eight months review. However, it is my second review for my short September break. I started writing more about my “Simple Life And Goals” in January. When we moved back to Canada, I felt I wasn’t ready to base my whole blog on our travellings anymore. Not only did it not make any sense as we are not in Europe anymore, but I was feeling that my duty was deeper than simply describing our trips to motivate people to do the same.

I realized that the most important thing about this blog was not the “Slow Travelling” but the Simple Life and the motivation to achieve one’s dreams.

The “Life and Goals” new blog

The blog is now divided into five categories. First three are the pillars of this website: “Simplify“, “Refocus” and “Get Organized“. The two other categories are about “Mind Health” and “Body Health“. Everything you need to live a more simple, but more efficient life. We’ve achieved so much through the years by living this simple life that I feel the urge to share about it. I think that minimalism is the best choice we’ve made. I can understand that minimalism is not for everybody, but I believe that anybody can achieve so much by just focusing on what really matters.

Life and Goals, Simplify, Refocus, Get Organized, Health


Past and future

Therefore, I decided to focus on this part definitely and shut down the Voyages. We have been working on several projects this summer in order to finally transform this website into a bigger adventure. For now, here is our first months’ review for “Life And Goals”!

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Posts about “Refocus“:

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Life and Goals, Simplify, Refocus, Get Organized, Health


Post about”Mind Health

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Post about”Body Health

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Life and Goals review for 2018 | Life and Goals, Simplify, Refocus, Get Organized, Health

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