Moors Postcard

Postcard From The English Moors

November 7, 2017

If there is something you should consider when Visiting England, it’s walking. This country and I may say even Great Britain has master the art of walks on its green soil. Therefore, my English Moors Postcard, which I hope, will give you a first taste of what walking means from the English Countryside.

Dramatic skies are very likely to welcome you

I can’t possibly write an English Moors postcard without some dramatic skies. Especially in this season!

The result is that you will enjoy a most beautiful game of light and shadow along your walk!

A wild flora for this Moors Postcard

England and especially its seaside is blown almost permanently by the wind. Whether strong or not, it’s there. Nature has to be strong to survive this, yet it’s particularly delicate. For the one who wants to discover more about it: The North York Moors website happens to be quite useful to enjoy the surrounding nature fully!

Get lost!!!

Yes, we actually did it! This shot below shows the precise point where my husband was considering climbing down and up a very steep gorge, not to mention crossing the river down there… Well, I said no! Eventually, we found the path which was no more than 100 meters from us!

No Moors Postcard without most charming discoveries

Most charming indeed! I can’t say how I love finding these little beauties, the ones that make me feel like I belong at a time when England was not crisscrossed by innumerous roads. Can you imagine that England has about 400 inhabitants/km², France has only 120 inhabitants/km² (and Canada 3!). I really feel like England has much more open countryside to offer to its walkers than France. But that means, cities are just overbusy, at least that’s my feeling. So I do appreciate English countryside even better because it offers a vast contrast when escaping the city landscape.

Moors postcard about some cute meets

I don’t remember we ever did one walk in the British countryside without finding some of these! They always look far more curious than the “rambler”! Rambling in the UK means “the activity of going for long walks in the countryside” according to the Cambridge dictionary. It’s a very typical activity for many in  Great Britain.

You will always be surprised

You will be surprised by your findings and by the very sudden change of scenery. You will walk through an endless sea of green grass spotting from time to time a single house, then less than 10 min after you will be right here:

Entirely blinded by the cold almost winter sun reflecting on the low tide. You will see in Black and white a world that used to be so colourful few minutes ago. What a change indeed!

Moors Postcard of a Castle

If I do not write this with a purpose of being thorough about our stay in Scarborough, because that was the point of few different posts:

Let’s go for a walk on Scarborough seaside together!

Scarborough Castle, English Heritage Treasure

Scarborough Most Charming Hotel

Adventurous Walk In The Moors, From Ravenscar To Robin Hood

I can’t miss naming the Scarborough Castle because it was quite a vision. It offers a perfect short walk through Scarborough, following its cliffs.

If you want to enter the castle domain, then you’ll enjoy a fantastic view of the Scarborough bay. With the audio guided walk, you will dive into history for a while.


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