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Postcard From A Cabin in Quebec Canada

October 25, 2017

A few months ago, this summer more precisely, we started a series of “Postcards from SageOnEarth.” As a matter of fact, they were quite successful. As I loved sending them, I decided to write some on a regular basis to present our wanders. So here is our “SageOnEarth Cabin in Quebec Postcard” for October!


Our getaway in the woods in Ottawa area

We went for our usual cabin getaway this year but had little time to prepare. Between the move and back to school, we started looking for the perfect cabin less than one month before the due date… which is not soon enough! We manage to finally find a place on our usual Airbnb website, but it was quite far. We were due for several hours driving on our way to the cabin and probably much more on our way back because of the important and usual Toronto traffic especially on the last day of a long weekend. But who cares when it’s for the delight of resting on the shore of a lake in the woods for few days!

What we did

As soon as we arrived each one of us went to her/his activities, fishing (even if not very successful) paddling, canoeing, or even lake watching: just doing nothing! This last one is my favourite.


You can’t imagine how much I love doing nothing in that kind of scenery! As a mother and a solopreneur, I don’t always understand where the 24 hours of the day are going. This sort of escape is for me, the perfect occasion to enjoy some quiet time, especially now that my kids are teenagers. Believe it or not, they manage, sometimes, few things by themselves now! Everybody knows that many things are done so much better when mom is involved… or so much easier?

Enjoying the light and the scenery

Would it be a perfect Quebec Postcard without a sunset or a sunrise? Being in the middle of the continent, and Canada being quite flat compared to the Alps, the colours at sunset or sunrise are equal in intensity and offer some amazing shows over the water of the lake.

Nevertheless, early morning carries a mood that I particularly love. We both enjoy, my husband and I, sneaking out of the cabin with a cup of hot coffee in our hands. Wrapped up in warm jackets in the crisp air of the upcoming fall, we are witnessing the light of the sun invading the surface of the lake.

As you may have noticed, these two photographs are sunsets. I forgot to take my camera/phone for our sunrise dates. Isn’t that what cabin is about after all?

When it’s time to go back, the end of “Cabin in Quebec Postcard”

These weekends, of course, always come to an end. We are happy to go back to the comfort of our home. But we all memorize everything we can to keep souvenirs and remember what a good time it was, already expecting the next cabin getaway!


If you’d love to go for a cabin getaway, well just do it! It’s the best way to enjoy Slow Living! Maybe it could help you sort out where to begin to live a more simple life.

If you don’t know where to start for packing for such an adventure, read our post:¬†10 Things to Pack for a Cabin Getaway

Airbnb is the perfect website to find some hidden gems anywhere in the world that will suit your needs!


If you are more a “stay at home” kind of person:

Great News: You Can Slow Travel From Home!

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