Postcard From An Apple Farm In Autumn In Canada

November 21, 2017

As you will see, we apparently missed the apple picking season. But we, all the same, had the most wonderful time while visiting Pine Tree Apple Orchard.

Wandering the orchard

We looked for apples…

This is all we could find:

Nevertheless, we had a great time walking:

What we found

Most beautiful fall colors:

A pumpkin maze,… for kids!

A most lovely car,… By the way, doesn’t it remind you of another famous pictured one?

A delicious little shop:

And behind this small shop, a fantastic cafe with delicious food!!!

We drove back home with our stomachs full of apple pie and our head full of more family time memories!

Canada has many farms opening their orchard to the public for picking apples. It’s a tradition at the beginning of autumn. You will need a car to visit them, but they are plenty so you won’t have to drive far.

I love fitting in a country tradition; it’s a strange feeling to call a new habit a tradition. It’s also an excellent way to open our mind and widen our thoughts.

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