Refocus Starter Kit - 5 emails to start getting your life on tracks

Refocus Starter Kit

Hi there!

If you are curious about this Starter Kit page, this is what it’s all about: I designed for you a 5-email series to help you start your journey toward a more satisfactory life. Let me guide you on the exciting path of achieving your dreams and make them be your goals.

Gaining back control of your life can’t happen if you don’t change anything. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. This “Starter Kit” series is just the beginning of a 3 step-change:

Simplify – ReFocus – GetOrganized

Let’s start here and now, it’s free.

What will you receive in your Starter Kit?

We will only scratch the surface for now. You are going to check your stuff, finances, socializing time, goals and creativity. Each email is an exercise. If you need help or want to talk about your journey, you can email me back.

I’ll wait two days before sending the next email, so you have time to go through each exercise at your own pace. The last task is an invitation to creativity. I will give you some ideas to work on but keep in mind that you should give a try for a month to really appreciate the benefits of including creativity in your life.

Gain back your time to work and focus on what matters most!

Starter Kit