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Reading a Book About Winter

January 15, 2017
A difficult choice to cheer up for the season

This season I have been struggling with an unexpected issue: finding a positive piece of literature about Christmas and winter. I must admit that I started my researches quite lately in December. I was so sure that I would be able to find something suitable to fill in my Christmas tips reading part. I couldn’t imagine it would take me so much time to finally have in my hand the book I wanted: a positive and optimistic compilation of stories and poems about Christmas time and winter in general. I tried some, but I didn’t enjoy them at all. I don’t know why people are so depressed about winter, either I chose particularly wrong, or everyone seems to believe that winter tales have to be sad and negative.

Winter is so beautiful

I have been living in Canada, I don’t say that winter is easy, but it is natural and it is beautiful as it is. People in Canada happen to respect the weather and changing season a lot. Sometimes winter is more than icy and filled in with abundant snow, and summers are stifling. But they are like so, let’s do the best of it! Of course, winter is dark and cold. I know it’s not always easy to find joy, especially in January and February when the celebrations are long gone, and the weather becomes colder. But is it a reason to make things even worse and write stories that make people even more depressed?

Yin and Yang in our life

I believe that Arts exist to balance our lives. They help us remember that not everyone is lucky in this world and blessed with basic needs full-filled sometimes. Other times they help us cheer up a little when we feel pretty low. I agree that it’s essential to remember that things are not easy for everyone at Christmas, but I think that most people are aware of it. If I believe it’s important to remember it, let’s not force everyone into depression neither. Arts are the Yin of the Yang in our everyday life. So I looked and looked again for positive thoughts and finally found:


“Winter: An Anthology for the Changing Seasons”

Edited by Melissa Harrison
A little bit of Everything

This book is an anthology of texts, including texts mainly from the 17th centuries to the present days. There are poems, texts from novels, biographies, journals, but also extracts of an encyclopedia. Authors quoted are doctors, professors, writers or gardeners, etc., all are delightful! I enjoyed the diversity of the writing. You can read it straight or little at a time. You can come back to it and re-read without any moderation! There are 82 texts some short some long, and 89 days in the winter season, that perfectly alright for one read a day, including a break for the end of year celebrations.

ENJOY!!! The best part is that there are now four of them, and you hear about them all.

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