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Reading A Book About The Kinfolk Home

December 28, 2016

Nathan Williams wrote this book and edited it. Kinfolk is a website and magazine about interior design and art mostly. They also published two fantastic books that are so inspiring. I recommend this one. The first time, I read it from first to the last page. Then I read it choosing one page at a time in no particular order. I come back to this book regularly, for a peaceful and restful reading evening. You will also find “The Kinfolk Table” in the same spirit.


The Kinfolk restful books

Are perfect presents from you to yourself for that boxing-day time. You will enjoy the quiet style of minimalism housing by great architects and designers. They created their homes with love and shared them with you. I can’t find any better way to be inspired by creativity and simplicity than having in my handbooks that reflect it all.


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