Postcards from Stavanger in Norway

August 2, 2017

I will make it short because it’s the summer, and everybody has better to do than stay in front of a screen. Nevertheless, I wanted to share a little bit of our road trip in Stavanger, Norway. So this is our first batch of postcards from this beautiful country.

On the road from Kristiansand to Stavanger, Noway

On our way from Kristiansand to Stavanger, Norway, we first met the Fjord. It’s quite an experience. Nature and colours are amazingly powerful. It looks like the perfect picture you could have on a painting, yet it’s right in front of you for real.

stavanger, norway

We wanted to follow each one of the smaller roads we were crossing to see where it was going to lead us… but, even on a “Slow Travel” pace, we have to get to the destination on time… sometimes!

stavanger, norway

Nevertheless, these colours, once again, were fantastic!

stavanger, norway

Visiting the city of Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger was the first stop on our road trip, and it’s a beautiful, charming city balancing slowly between the land and the sea.

stavanger, norway

The charms of the old town and the modern life. But let’s stick to the oldies goodies for now… just because!

stavanger, norway

I would have dreamt of enjoying a coffee here, but you know, “privat” property!

stavanger, norway

I don’t know if the landlord knows how perfect this little house is. Never mind, because now you know it!

stavanger, norway

This coloured street has a recent story, so you’ll know more about our “Slow Travel Guide” about Norway coming next fall!

stavanger, norway

As usual, we walked a lot. We discovered much more than we would have dreamt of and had a great time in Stavanger!

stavanger, norway

They are many paths to take; some lead to beautiful sunsets.

stavanger, norway

This is the end… for now!

As it was the end of this day, this is the end of our first postcards batch. We hope you enjoyed it!


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