Postcards from Oslo and our Good Bye to Scandinavia

August 23, 2017

This last postcards batch from Oslo ends our road trip in Scandinavia. Therefore, it will be our goodbye to this fabulous part of the world that we were so excited to visit and that did not disappoint us.

Oslo was our come back to city lifestyle

We enjoyed a lot of nature, a lot of wilderness and did not even have to go far North for that. So Oslo was a bit of a shock after going from one small town, more small village to another. Even if the city can’t be compared to London for example, it’s blooming with modern architecture and art.

Amongst many other artists, Munch holds a top place in Oslo, as his new museum is on its way to the waterfront, close to the famous Oslo Opera House.

So what did we do?

We had our fair number of museums

The city has a thing for everything regarding ships and sea, so we had a day on this subject and visited all the museums about it and finished with a city cruise.

We also visited the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History as it was in the Bygd√ły Peninsula.

I was looking forward to the Drakkar Museum and again was not disappointed. But all the museums we saw that day were impressive, instructive, and so different in style. The whole family had a great time, even if the 5 museums in a day could look a little too much. These museums are not big ones and are all about navigation, so they look complimentary.

A cruise to end a Naval day

This journey was a lovely way to finish the day. It also was perfect to see the city from the far, in a relaxed way before starting visiting it walking more thoroughly.

But we sailed on neither of these two boats…! (Can you spot the small one by the way?)

After the city from the sea, the town from above

We also loved the Ski Jump and its museum. Impressive to discover and a fantastic view over Oslo. This place had a point!

Some more places
The Cafes

If the countryside in Norway is not the place where we found a large choice of lovely cafes, it was something else in Oslo. There are many small shops to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea and delicious pastries.

The Architecture

To end our Post Cards from Oslo, I will say that wandering the streets is the perfect way to discover a lot of beautiful modern architecture and to understand how much more are on their way.

Not to mention the older sweet houses.

If you want to read more about Oslo museums visit:

Museums in Oslo and its Surroundings

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