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August 16, 2017

After visiting the beautiful Stavanger and enjoying the Fjords, we drove to the eastern part of Norway. We headed to the city of Geilo. During the winter it’s welcoming skiers. During the summer: let’s discover this together!

We had to go along the fjords to dive into the Norwegian wilderness.

Long are the Fjords.

Some fjords are more than 200km long; we witnessed many different landscapes between the part of the fjords close to the sea and the part that runs deep into the lands.

From the sea to the glacier

When we finally left our fjord, we were in Hardangervidda National Park, where the Hardangerjøkulen is the culminating point. Jøkul in Norwegian means glacier and means that there is permanent snow up there.

So many sceneries around Geilo.

This means we went from hanging in Stavanger streets in light summer clothes to swimming in the fresh Northern sea and eventually walk on permanent snow in a short time. Few hours of driving are separating these different sceneries.

This is Norway: a condensed display of many kinds of flora and climates.

Some lovely traditions to be discovered

When, eventually, we were willing to stop looking at these beautiful landscapes surrounding us, there were houses and villages to discover.

I was fascinated by the bright red houses of course, but also by the different kind of architecture we discovered…

Discover the story of the people

The inside of all these lovely homes allowed us to understand what life used to look like when the convenience of the roads and the comfort of the modern life was far from being brought to this region. Before it became one of the most touristic regions of Norway for the winter sports.

The Stavkirken of Norway

These Churches are extraordinary. They are entirely made of wood. Their name comes from the palisade structure. “Stav” meaning standing wood, “Kirke” means church. They are several remaining in Norway. Some few outside Norway.

We had there again a memorable time in Geilo and enjoyed each minute of our stay in the Southeastern part of this country that never seized to amaze us!

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