Postcards from the Fjords in Norway

August 9, 2017

This week update about our road trip in Norway will be about our stay in the fjords. Part of it on Ombo, an island situated North of Stavanger.

You’ll find the posts from the first part of our trip in Denmark:

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And the first batch of our postcards from Norway about Stavanger.

In the Fjords and Ombo Island, we had a most relaxing and soothing time. All we had to do is enjoy nature, beautiful views and the sea for water sports.

We enjoyed charming houses.

Norwegian houses have something, don’t you think?

The fjords are series of coves and cliffs. In each cove appear a small village, or sometimes only a few houses.

We enjoyed water sports

It’s a pleasure to go boating or kayaking in these fjords. It’s the only way to see the fjord from a lower point.

The North Sea is not so cold, swimming during the summer is a pleasure for the ones who love fresh waters…

We even did some jogging!

We enjoyed the nature of the fjords

Flowers are always more beautiful in the wild. They appear so delicate, yet so strong to survive cold winters without any human help. I know some who would dream of having such beauties in their garden!

Something photographers certainly love to play with are reflections. The extraordinary light in Norway and the cloudy skies are reflecting so perfectly in the lakes which are crystal clear.

We enjoyed one of the most beautiful nature shows: sunset as we were facing west. Nevertheless, we had no night at all. The sun was passing, but the light never faded completely. A little bit far for the midnight sun but we had a glimpse of it!


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