Photo Guide Venice

Photo Guide Venice, Italy

November 1, 2017

This “Photo Album Venice, Italy” series is inviting you in the mysterious streets of Venice. This almost two thousands year old city takes its roots in the Roman history. But the very tradition and government of the famous Doges if Venice started in the 6th century.

The city has been for long, only accessible by sea routes. Therefore it was entirely autonomous. Its government became very powerful, and the city at one point was mastering the business exchanges. Nevertheless, when the night came, its streets were not a place to stay, without the lighting system we now enjoy, it was very easy to fall into some dark deeds.

Wandering day and night we couldn’t stop wanting some more Venice streets atmosphere, we brought back many photos, here and the one we feel represents most Venice the city of Doges.

Few addresses we loved

Tappa Obbligatoria For Tapas or breakfast, or lunch or whatever you want to eat. It’s fresh and very good, and the staff is really friendly. They make the hot chocolate just for you if they don’t have any left. The chocolate is thick and sumptuous, dark or white you will find your treat!

The Vaporetto to go around the islands on your own, it’s the local bus. Far better than any other tourist tour. You have google maps and anything you need with the internet. Just trust yourself and go on your own. You will have far better time than following an expensive tour that will tour the islands in three hours instead of the whole day.

Gelato di Natura – Campo Santi Apostoli Just because their ice-creams are fantastic! The place is also a lovely photo-spot.

Restaurant Agli Alboretti We don’t often go to restaurants when we travel, but this place was fantastic! You have to get there early at the opening or book a table because it’s full in 20 min every night. However, the service is fantastic, and the food is perfect!

Don’t forget the essentials, but beware that nowadays Venice is packed with tourists all year long. Fall is an excellent time because it’s a little less busy. Follow the back streets; you’ll find the best cafes and restaurants there. The usual books that everybody follows are not the best way to enjoy this city that has so much to offer!

No more history, but a visual story

Follow us in the streets of Venice, day and night this “Photo Album Venice, Italy” wants to be a natural walk you would enjoy during a short stay…




Venice happens to be a very (too) famous city, all year round now. But as you can see, by walking out of the main streets, and at different hours, it’s very doable to visit this city quietly!

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