Photo Guide Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 27, 2017

Photo Guide Amsterdam is the third of our Photo Guide Series

Why this Photo Guide Series?

When I started this SageOnEarth adventure, I was looking for a way to use my numerous photos. I only wanted to display them in a gallery on the internet so that they were easy to see by me first, my family, my friends. If the whole SageOnEarth adventure as lead us far beyond the point of a photo gallery, I like to have that little space available on this website, just to share my shots, my vision of a place, only to remember that in the beginning, this was all about photography.

About Amsterdam

I have written a post about Amsterdam, which had quite a lot of success: 10 Things We Did Not Do In Amsterdam, then I wrote a guide, which is available again in an online format.

Once again this visual walk will guide you through the streets and along the canals of Amsterdam. This time the atmosphere is more dramatic. During the winter, the dark building is contrasting a lot with the white sky and the reflections on still waters of the canals. This Photo Album is about gingerbread houses, crooked houses also. It’s all about canals and bicycles. But it’s also about windows and walks at night. Discover the passion of Amsterdam inhabitants for curtain-less windows. Rediscover maybe their love for good food, art, flowers and simply handmade high-quality products.

We arrived on a cold, snowy day.

For now, as usual, let’s enjoy images because a single picture is worth a thousand words, so I believe I have written enough here!


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