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How To Overcome Procrastination – Work on your mental clutter and your blocks – Improve your professional life

Recognizing procrastination is good, but understanding its “why” is better. Procrastination can have some very simple origins, but the most complex ones are also the most powerful. Learn how to work on your mental clutter and your blocks, in order to improve your mental health and your professional life all at once. Achieve your goals […]

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3 Ways To Manage Work Withdrawal

Teach yourself to manage work withdrawal, by taking time to have a regular break from your work. Withdrawal is a strong word used in case of addiction. It can be for severe addiction regarding drugs, or for more common ones let say like sugar. What these have in common is the fact that they are […]

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Postcard from Marrakech in Morocco

One more postcard from our trips and wanders around the world. This one will guide you through the streets of Marrakech the red city of Morocco. I want each postcard to bring you the same taste a real postcard in your mailbox would bring. I love tradition, but I also like the digital age when […]

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