Paris Bridges
Photo Guide | Voyages

Photo Guide Paris Bridges, France

Unlike my recent Paris Subway Guide, this one does not include an intricate itinerary. It’s rather a way of discovering the city from its very spine. “Paris bridges” is a walk along the Seine river and a way of using the slow water pace to feel this beautiful city at heart. Paris and the Seine river […]

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Fresh air
Slow Living

A Cup Of Fresh Air During The Winter

Wintertime is meant to be cozy. We crave for comfort food, hot drinks and soft blankets. We love spending the day inside if our schedule allows it. But what about fresh air? Especially in North America and large cities where every home beneficiates of air conditioning systems, we tend to forget the importance of fresh air […]

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mental health
Slow Living

10 Simple Ideas To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health needs as much care as physical health does. We must be careful before crossing the line and recognize the symptoms our brain sends us. We are acutely aware of the importance of physical health. If we don’t always exercise or eat a balanced diet every day, nevertheless we know what is right and what […]

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forest bathing
Slow Living

My First Experience of Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is becoming popular nowadays. It’s true that 54% of the population today live in an urban area, and this percentage is reaching 74% in the more developed nations. The growth of this urban population is 1.8% each year. Of course, this last percentage is decreasing as we are moving forward the 100%, but just […]

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postcard from Notting Hill
Postcards | Voyages

A Postcard From Notting Hill, England

I felt like this postcard from Notting Hill was missing in my series. Eventually, it’s been quite long since I posted about this ambiguous that is Notting Hill. Why do I call it ambiguous? Because it has everything I should hate, yet I love it. I always feel safe when I visit. Safe in the […]

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plan your day

10 Tips To Plan Your Day Efficiently

Let’s be honest; you must plan your day! But planning with efficiency is even better. Here are few things that will help you go through your daily schedule smoothly while being more productive. To begin with, here are some reminders to manage well throughout your day: 1- Do not overschedule This point is the most obvious […]

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