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  • Get Ready For The Cold Season, Maintain Balance In Your Life

    winter, cold , season, balance, ready

    Here we are! Still in September and I’m already talking about the cold season. Well, I’m sorry to remind you of the lowest temperatures of the year, but they are inevitably coming. So, I thought that, maybe, I could remind you, so you’ll be well prepared to welcome them!

    If the summer heat can be hard ...

  • 5 Tips For A Mom’s Lighter Schedule

    Motivation, time, Energy, fit, schedule

    September is a new beginning, and we are full of hope and motivation for this new school year. However, even if your motivation is sky-high, don’t over-estimate your energy and capabilities. With this post-vacation excitement, we are signing for too many things for our children and ourselves. We are still feeling some summer breeze in ...

  • SageOnEarth Life And Goals Review 2018 First Semester

    Life and goals, simplify, health, refocus, Organize

    This post is more like a first eight months review. However, it is my second review for my short September break. I started writing more about my “Simple Life And Goals” in January. When we moved back to Canada, I felt I wasn’t ready to base my whole blog on our travellings anymore. Not only ...

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