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Why I am not ready to go back to school yet

September 8, 2017

No, I’m not ready to go “Back To School”!!!

It’s been a busy summer

For a start we spent 8 weeks on the roads, sleeping in Airbnbs and hotels. We moved overseas, again, with only precisely 21 days to get everything ready. We moved in and settled everything in the apartment for our children to go back to school quietly. My husband got, far more quickly than expected, a new client and project, so he is pretty much busy from now.

Grenen, Denmark
Many plans have changed

Many plans have changed in a short time. Not to mention how tricky it can be to deal with an overload of unplanned things. Or even better, planned things that won’t be happening anymore.

I’m an introvert and believe me, I’ve put huge efforts into fitting in our new English life. I met some great people, been involved in local activities. I wanted to make an effort to be part of our new community. The reason is, in the first place, I was the one who wasn’t asking for moving to England. So I thought I had to make it mine even more. All this is not anymore. If the lovely people I met, the memories I made and the work I’ve done to overcome my introvert personality are still here… I’m now in Toronto in my high-floor apartment and have to do it all over again.

This blog has changed so much this past year, with a huge help from A Bookish Baker. She guided me so much as a coach and also as a virtual friend, to help me figure out what I wanted for my website. The thing is, the idea was travelling Europe and working together with my husband on this fresh blog. Here in Toronto, Didier had a great opportunity to work with a new client on a fascinating project so that I will be on my own more or less from now. If I’m sure I will make it to something I love and I’m proud of, it still counts as a plan that’s not happening anymore.

I have so many more “planned not happening” projects, and unplanned things to handle, like the studies and future of our children for the biggest, but hundreds of very small ones too… I won’t name them all, but you get the idea.

London, England
No “me-time.”

I love taking care of my family, and I choose to do so, but I wasn’t able to work on my blog for quite a long time now. Helping everybody getting ready for their new life, without having one second for me, was overwhelming at some point. My three loved ones are all settled in their new school/job, and I have to adjust to being on my own again. It didn’t happen in more than 14 months. This is something manageable for me, but I still have to adapt.

I read this beneficial post on Instagram: “Words are powerful” by @clutterhealing and realized how important it was to go back to positive thinking in whatever we do. So, this “no me-time” will transform in “if I do what I love and what I chose, it’s already some me-time! And also, I can find time to have these little moments I need.”

The good sides!

They are everywhere!

I love my new home, I do! The view is fantastic, it’s bright and bathing in natural light all day long, it’s small, simple, clean, and beautiful to me. Last but not least: it’s effortless to clean!

I love being back to Canada. Don’t get me wrong, I love England too, and I’m looking forward to visiting again. It’s just that Canada feels more like “Home” to me.

My three loves are so happy and content with their new life too, this counts a lot, I mean A LOT!

And we had a memorable year living in London. We visited a lot of this beautiful city. We also travelled in Europe, making many of our dreamed trips come true. It was like having one year off our usual life.

Venice, Italy
I’m still not ready to go “back to school.”

I’m not because first I need to re-plan, I want to get organized and think of where I’m going. I want to settle too! I have to do things smoothly and at my own pace. Because this is what this website is all about: “Slow Traveling” the world and through life!

So I’m not ready to go back to school, but I’m so ready to prepare everything for this. The best part is, I can manage my time to do it properly!

My to-do list to get ready

This is what I’ll be working on, before actually really going back to work:

In the meantime, I hope you all had a great summer and a fantastic first week in September! Apart from the errands, cleaning, purchases, new schedules I mean? Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive these posts directly in your mailbox. Don’t forget to take time to act mindfully in whatever you do and have a great weekend!


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  1. How exciting! 🙂 new beginning! I know how stressful and time consuming it is to make a place feel like home in a super-speed but I’m sure you will manage! 🙂 and I’m sure you will build up new life and friendships super fast:) good luck for all the projects:)

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