Why You Should Head to Kyoto Garden if you are in London UK this Weekend

February 9, 2017

Finding some peaceful time in a quiet place in the middle of the city is an important thing to do regularly.

Kyoto Garden A Quiet Place In London


I try to find as many places as possible in London that are quiet. I love big cities. We used to live in Paris, Montreal, Toronto and we are now very happy in London. We loved visiting in Beijing, New York, San Francisco, etc. and felt at ease there. The reason that makes possible to bear the permanent noise and chaos in these megapoleis is trying to find some quiet alternatives as often as we can.

Why live in a large city anyway?

I love to live in large cities because of the availabilities of all kind. I need to be among the different cultures mixing together and want my children to be part of it. This makes our life so much more simple. We don’t need a car for a start. It’s always possible to live near our children’s school. We don’t have to go far to find everything we need in matter or culture, or supplies all the same. We can find suitable schools and interesting jobs more easily. Eventually, as foreigners, we are much more understood, in large cities surrounded by people like us, and it is also easier for us to adapt and understand them in return.

Find quiet places is a necessity

However, we couldn’t bear anymore the city life if we did not take some very indispensable habits. We always try to avoid very crowded places. Tourists are a necessity, but I far prefer to be one than to live in my city surrounded by thousands of them. We go and look for quiet places to go to when we have some free time.

So where in London?

The first one I will tell about in London is the “Kyoto Garden” in Holland Park. It is a remote and very small place. As you can guess by the name, it’s a Japanese garden. It is delicate; you will be calm down by the small fall or finding your way through tricky paths. If you are lucky enough a most beautiful peacock will welcome you.

There are many other places like that in London that are waiting for you and are inviting for a peaceful time. We’ll discover them one at a time!

A coffee break is coming with that!

I must admit I had difficulties finding a suitable place close to that beautiful park. There is a Cafe inside the park, but I not keen on having a coffee surrounded by pigeons and covered in dust when the first breeze is coming to say hello. So I went further and found a place with a nice staff. It is situated on Holland Park Avenue, which it is quite a busy road. I found it after one of my wanders in Notting Hill, so it is suitable for this area too. The food is Ok, though it’s not transcendent, coffee is strong and good. The staff really is friendly, AND there are toilets! I don’t know if it’s me, but I found it hard enough to enjoy a coffee between the two Kyoto Gardens and Notting Hill and have access to more commodities. So head for Apostrophe, and you’ll have room enough to relax and a more than welcome break during a day walking! If their website still is undergoing some changes, then Apostrophe is here.


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Why you should head to Kyoto Graden in London UK this weekend. | City guide, London gardens, visit my city, underrated parks, where to go in London, peaceful places in  London


Why you should head to Kyoto Graden in London UK this weekend. | City guide, London gardens, visit my city, underrated parks, where to go in London, peaceful places in  London

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