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3 Ways To Enjoy A Halloween Spirit In London England

October 4, 2017

We may have left London for a few months now; it remains that we enjoyed being able to celebrate Halloween when we were living there. It’s not particularly easy to find attractive activities for families, apart from private parties. So these are few ideas for the one who would like to have a spooky night on the 31st.

For a long time Londoners and visitors: how to celebrate Halloween in London? Well, first what about learning a little bit more about one of the most famous scary (real) story.

Jack The Ripper in London

There are lots of Jack the Ripper tours in London. We tried this one. I first chose it for the “vision” thing and the price. I will admit that I was a little disappointed by the vision. The guide has a pocket projector that needs a proper surface to be projected on. So you’ll have some photos projected on the streets walls, or he will show you some paper copies when he can’t find any wall.

Why we choose this one

Apart from that little technical issues, the guide was fascinating. He happens to have known a descendant of the people implicated in the whole story. That certainly adds to the mood. He is more convinced and more sensitive about this story than any other guide would be after having learnt by heart a pre-written text. Remember that it is his personal story, but it seems entirely logical. If you want to know more you’ll have to book the tour, Halloween being the perfect time for that.

Halloween Ham House Ghost Hunt


The ghost Hunt in Ham House is perfect too. You will enjoy a complete tour of one of the most beautiful house and certainly the most haunted one in England. Before that a light dinner with a hot drink or a glass of wine. To go there, there is a train from London Waterloo to Richmond Upon Thames, then have a little walk along the riverside. If it’s foggy even better!

London Dungeon for Halloween

Info about the Dungeon here

This one is for families (not with young kids though) and people who don’t know that much about the spookiest stories of London. You will know some few facts, “scary facts” and enjoy a Halloween moody spirit. I would certainly avoid this attraction for children because if we did not find it that much scary, it was for some younger ones joining the same tour as we did. Anyway size limit is 120cm. You can also enjoy a doubled fun by buying a joined-ticket. The very famous London Eye is only a few meters away from the London Dungeon and is one of the best ways to see the city from above!

??????????Happy Spooky Halloween! ?????????


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