A Day Visit in Cambridge England

April 5, 2017

We hopped on a train from King’s Cross station to spend a short weekend in one of the most famous University cities in the world. We were there for a festive weekend. Some students were graduating, there were many visitors, and the streets were even more busy than usual. Cambridge is a balancing between the stress and chaos of top students on their way to highest achievement and the positive extra-energy they bring in each one of their extra-curricular activities.

About Cambridge classics

We enjoyed a lot visiting wandering and merely walking as we usually do. I will not list the very famous and obvious visits you can do. Nevertheless, for a historical approach, there is a review of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and The Fitzwilliam Museum on Flo’s History blog. For more casual, but charming nonetheless, places keep reading!

Few places to visit
  • The Fudge Kitchen: Obviously I don’t need to explain here what they sell. I will simply mention the perfectly obvious fact that what you will find in there is divine!
  • Hot Numbers Coffee: I can’t say if the weekend was busier than usual but after 11 am it was quite hard to find a proper place to rest and have a cup of coffee or anything else warm. We were able to enjoy that café, which was nicely decorated and very friendly. Coffee was delicious, as they are coffee roasters.
  • Michaelhouse Centre is not always open as mentioned. We popped up on Sunday morning for the second time because we were pleased with our first visit, and it was closed for a private tea party for the elder parishioners. But the place is gorgeous, and it’s quite an experience to have tea in a space like that.
  • Malcolm Gooding Timber work: his stall is on the market, he is the proud maker of the most beautiful wooden little objects such as cups, pens, etc. This very kind man will always take time to show you his way of handling his tools.

  • Alan’s Stamps: also on the market, he has a fantastic collection of stamps of all sorts. It’s like a treasure hunt to dig in his stall to find the perfect match for you. He will gladly show you what they look like on a piece of paper with different colours.

  • Belgian Waffles: the last of the market stalls I will mention but not the least! The most delicious waffles I ever bought! You can choose from an extensive list of ideas, or make your own. Anyway, you’ll have to wait a little bit for it: they are cooked fresh for you!
Few photo spots

  • Take the narrow stairs to the top of Great St Mary’s Church Tower. You will enjoy an aerial view of the city and its Universities. You will maybe enjoy also a choir practice when waiting if you are a little early.
  • Trinity Lane and its remarkable Brick-lane roof line.
  • The building at Sydney Street and Jesus Lane corner
  • Corn Exchange Street, where you can take photos of beautiful vanes and structures.

  • The Mathematical bridge from which you have a lovely typical view of the canal and the punters.
  • Take a walk in Jesus Green, you’ll have a good time, depending on the season some most lovely blossoms to shot at ( with your camera!) and some more canals to see in a quieter area of the city.
    We had a lovely time in the city though we didn’t try some of the must-dos, but next time surely!

Access here our VIP Library to read our Cambridge photo album containing lots of pictures taken in this beautiful and so charming English city!


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    1. Thanks Brianna, that’s definitely a charming English town with a lot of History behind it. The omnipresence of Universities is giving a different atmosphere too! Have a good day.

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