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Christmas Tip #7 For A Mindful Family Time

December 23, 2016

Christmas Eve is getting closer and closer. Today is one of my favourite family tips!

What about a little dream in that cold, snowy winter. I love snow and cold temperatures, I have lived with them gladly for 7 years. But sometimes, it’s also good to dream a little about warm weather. Why not plan a dreamed trip?

Plan a summer trip with your family

You won’t have to make it happen, just create it as a game. Each one participates. Use a map, draw your routes, take notes, have your children take notes. Once I was reading a book about simplicity and the writer was telling about the benefits of having few emergency weekend or vacation escapes ready. Just in case you are too exhausted to plan something, but you need it.

Who knows?

Yes, who knows what may happen? Maybe this dream will come true. Maybe while planning it you will realize that it’s not so far away, maybe you will see the unthinkable doable.

Try Viator to find ideas or Trip Advisor. But don’t forget that everything has to be your plans. It’s the idea of creativity here that counts.

My Christmas spirit of the day:

This song exists in English, but for a change let’s try the French version…

Il s’appelait Nez Rouge!


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