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Christmas Tip #8 For A Mindful Family Time

December 24, 2016

Christmas is here. Tonight it’s celebration time, family/friend/loved one’s time. Today being Saturday, taking time is mostly getting away from cooking for a while, I have a big project for the family:

Make a list of family goals for the coming year

This is my Christmas tip for your family today. Take 30min figuring out what should be improved as a whole family, or maybe as individuals toward the family. Anyway, make it equal for everyone to have a goal. None is perfect; you should find something!

You can make a Christmas Eve game of it and try to improve your larger family social links. But let’s start with your small family. Make lists. Everyone should give at least one point.

-10 things the whole family should do better

-1 or 2 by family member individual improvement toward the family

-10 places the family should go to

-10 new things to do for the family

… and so on

Why not do¬†it for you, yourself personally. Find new goals of your own. It’s always a good time to be personal. Above all when part of a family of course. We have tendencies to forget about ourselves to take care of everyone else. I know very well about that!

Tell me about your ideas!

Christmas spirit of the day is a really obvious one:

Santa Claus is coming to town


Have a Merry Christmas!

To find all my Christmas tips in one place:

The SageOnEarth 12 days of Christmas!


To find all my Christmas tips in one place:

The SageOnEarth 12 days of Christmas!


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