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Christmas Tip #6 For A Mindful Family Time

December 21, 2016

How are going those little Christmas challenges for now? I hope you managed to use some of them to spend a short time with your loved ones!

Today’s tip:

Do a puzzle together

That tends to be a forgotten activity nowadays, but it is a very simple one. If you don’t aim for simple, there are chances you will not make it. Everyone can play together at the same time and have a little chat. If you choose the right one for your family, none will be left on the side. If there are more than four of you, try a larger one or better make two of them and split teams so you can add to the challenge! For our family, we choose some simple and not too big ones. We like it to¬†be done without stress in less than an hour. You can always try bigger and bigger if you want!

I liked to repurchase some of that collection in Canada. They have great ones, picturing Northern Americans artists painting.

These are also a good choice for UK citizens:

Be careful, the size of the pieces AND the number of pieces are both important regarding the time you’ll spend solving it.

Have fun, and don’t forget to tell me about the puzzles you chose to solve!

Today’s Christmas Mood:

A little reading for the family, or for you!

The Elves and the Shoemaker

To find all my Christmas tips in one place:

The SageOnEarth 12 days of Christmas!


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