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Christmas Tip #12 For A Mindful Family Time

January 2, 2017

This is my last of the 12 Christmas Tips for this year holidays. Tomorrow is back to school and works for most of us. So I hope you’ll take some time today to enjoy my last tip:

Visit right now a new place near home that you never went to before.

Tomorrow, your new year will officially really start. Before that try to go for something new today. This will train your mind in being open to new things. New things are what makes you alive. They are the surprise, the unusual, the unconventional. The things that make your brain start functioning again and stop being on auto-pilot. Make it be some good things that command that revival, not bad surprises.

My new place in London:


Today it’s a little bit late for Christmas spirit so that I will give you a “start-fresh-spirit place” instead. While scrolling Instagram feeds, I found a very interesting Cafe in London. I love beautiful cafes you’ll understand that I couldn’t possibly resist this one.

Host Cafe

It’s a cafe housed by an Anglican Church. Everybody can come in, order delicious coffees, amazing hot chocolates (really amaaaaaazing!) and gorgeous cakes or scones. If you go there with friends that have their lunch, nobody will keep them from joining you without ordering, because this place is meant to be a place of prayer but also share and community.

The Host Cafe has been created to make more people come through the church gates. In the process that holy place is more lively along the day and the money earned helps to keep it friendly and welcoming. I can understand that some people would be disturbed by sharing their church with non-praying, even non-believers people, but that looks all right. I guess that everyone takes it as it is and enjoy the new way of the church.



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