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Christmas Tip #11 For A Mindful Family Time

December 30, 2016

Today I will advise to go out with your family and do sport altogether.

Try whatever you want, but you must do it all together. Either running, swimming, playing football, baseball, basket-ball, whatever-ball, as long as you do it as a family team. You can enrol another family in the process and double the fun! Doing exercise is always a way for everyone to have fun while being relaxed. These days we are so busy that we tend to avoid sports time. Or we just fit it between two appointments and end up doing it on our own. Enjoy sport-time together is such a relaxing and easy way to spend a good time.

My Christmas spirit of the day

even if Christmas is a thing of the past, you can still enjoy a little bit more of the festivity:

Jingle Bell


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