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Christmas Tip #10 For A Mindful Family Time

December 29, 2016

I hope you had fun with my last few Christmas family tips. I am sure this one will ask more of your time and energy, but it is for the best!

Clean the whole house to start fresh for the new year. Work as a team.

Many traditions in many countries include a substantial cleaning once a year. I think that instead of focusing on theoretical ideas of new year resolutions, we should spend more time starting fresh more “physically.” Clean the house, sort out as much as you can, clean from floor to ceiling, from the basement¬†to the attic. Involve everyone in the family in the process. Everyone is or should be happy to live in a freshly cleaned house. If you want to start fresh, begin with your living space and the ideas will follow. It’s so much easier to go for outer exercise if your house is neat. If you live in a too busy place to see your goals, you will be exhausted before stepping out.

It can do good to others too

If your sort out your possessions, you will be able to give them to people that are in need of them surely more than you do. It’s still time to play Santa Claus!

A little Christmas Spirit to cheer up the hard work:

The legend of the Christmas Rose

And a playlist:

Christmas Medley Non-Stop

To find all my Christmas tips in one place:

The SageOnEarth 12 days of Christmas!


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