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Christmas Tip #1 For A Mindful Family Time

December 14, 2016
Christmas time for sharing

My gift to you this year will be a list of 12 tips to spend time together with your loved one(s). I will add few other things along the road too. Therefore, you’ll have one tip a day during the holiday season. Also, I will include a short story, a poem or link to a Christmas song, to feel the Christmas spirit! Because I love that: the spirit of things!

Make them a holiday challenge if you wish and tell me what about.

Today is tip #1

Make something simple together

Try a quick DIY and craft a Christmas tree decor. Maybe you don’t have children. Or else they may be¬†too old to come back from school with that kind of gift for your tree. Therefore that’s even better! Let’s be a fool and have some fun making ugly or beautiful things, but do it together. It doesn’t matter, indeed. What matters is the time spent together and the laughing!

My song of the day

Jingle Bell Rock


To find all my Christmas tips in one place:

The SageOnEarth 12 days of Christmas!


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