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Time of year to check your goals and projects!

July 13, 2017

Half year is an excellent time to look back at your list of projects and goals.

A check-up every 6 months

It’s always easy to make lists, especially lists of projects and goals. What we often forget is to make sure they stay alive! For this, you have to work on them. A 6 month’s review is a perfect time for me to see what goals have been achieved or what I could do next. The summer is always a bit slower than the rest of the year, as is the end of the year. That’s why these are the two perfect times to have a break and think a few your actions and your planning.

goals and projects

Waiting one year is too long to rethink your goals if you did not plan them adequately, less than 6 months doesn’t give you enough time to work on something and have a clear idea of how it goes.

What goals you should work on

There are several categories that you should consider to improve where you need it most and also where you want it most.

  • Family and friends are always coming first on the happiness scale!
  • Health is to consider as your priority; you can’t do anything if you are not healthy.
  • Professional projects come next. We can’t deny that having a fulfilled professional life, whatever it is, is very important nowadays. I don’t mean that you must earn a lot of money and be powerful. I suggest that considering our job takes a big part of our life, it’s important to be happy with what you do professionally. Ideally, you should aim for a job so perfect that you never look for your next vacation anymore. I know it’s not easy. To be honest, I don’t even think it’s realistic! But that’s a good idea you must keep in mind to aim for better.
  • Personal projects because when you are done with your family, friends, job and health, it’s also essential to work on something for your soul. Having a passion that remains a hobby is important. Not everything has to be about your job and earning money. Enjoying your profesional life is excellent, but even if you do have the perfect professional life, you are still doing things to achieve something that doesn’t only imply your satisfaction. Having a personal project is just about you and helps you remember that you are essential!

goals and projects

My half-year review

It’s even more important to keep in mind your goals when your life is full of movings, flights, suitcases. Sometimes you may think that all this is already enough. The truth is suitcases, flights and trains are no goals at all. You must keep it concrete, practical or you can end-up being doing nothing that will count on your satisfaction scale! That’s why regularly reviewing is so important to me. Let’s go!

Social life

I don’t want to share the first point here because apparently, this is personal and not of great interest to anyone else but me. Just keep in mind that being satisfied with your family and social life must remain a priority. You can’t be in good terms with everyone you know, firstly because it’s not only up to you. What is up to you is that you did your best for the persons that are important to you.

goals and projects


I am not addicted to exercise, but I do love to stay active. I try to do my best to walk and run regularly. I’m keeping track of this in the Runtastic app. I have a yearly goal that I choose on the 1st of January, and I set up my own rules to achieve it. I try to state it a bit more challenging each year, and until now for 2017 I’m on the right tracks!

We try to maintain a 10min meditation session every morning as a family with the Simple Habit app. We managed to do so during the weekdays, as the weekends are a little bit more relaxing regarding the wake-up time. Thus this point is satisfying too!

For personal comfort and health reason, I chose to eat much less sugar. I don’t eat candies, cakes, biscuits or anything with a lot of sugar in it anymore. I allow myself dark chocolate though? This new habit started in June so it’s been 6 weeks and I’m sticking to it quite easily! I’m surprised because I use to be a big sugar lover, so that’s a massive step for me!

goals and projects


Well, this part you know already a little bit because this is all about this blog! I will write a quick reminder of the destinations we reached these first 6 months in the following paragraph. Because if these are the roots of this website, our family getaways and lifestyle are all personal projects in my point of view. Going back to this website, I think we can simply say that it has nothing to do with how it used to be 6 months ago. I worked a lot on it and on my social media accounts, to create the website I wanted and that makes me proud.

For this, I had the help of two fabulous persons: my husband for a start and Helen Redfern. I wrote on her website few month ago. She is a fantastic person that helped me so much, as a coach, to find a way to share our experiences that fitted me perfectly. With her help, we created the “SageOnEarth” brand, which led to the “Slow Travel Guide” series, and the “Slow Travel Planning Services.” These last two are still new-born, but I’m already very pleased with the results!

goals and projects


We achieved a beautiful year in England. Our two teenagers had a wonderful experience at school here and improved a lot in literary English. This is amazing regarding the fact that they only knew few words in English three years ago. Managing an English literary level is a big WOW! They also found some goals of their own, that are matching what matters to them, which is even more critical.

My husband and I used this year to take time simply. Time for us, time to rethink our goals and priorities, time to get into new projects both professionally and personally. After all, we are also at a mid-life stage both of us! We needed this time genuinely.

We also made a big decision that fitted the whole family: we are going back to Canada. Some of us four were not entirely sure about our Canadian life. Going back to Europe for a while was what we all needed to understand that Canada is just the place we want to call home. We love travelling, but we love equally living in Canada. This beautiful country is entirely meant for us.

goals and projects

Where did we go?

This is the ultimate list of the places we discovered and rediscovered these past 6 months and of which you can enjoy the photos in this post:

goals and projects

Where we are now

During the summer, we are on a road trip in Denmark and southern Norway. Then we’ll enjoy London a bit more so that our two busy students can enjoy it before our move. Then we are heading to France in the Alps for a little fresh and pure mountain air. More posts to come about all these!

Moving back

It was a big deal to move back to Canada because once we took the decision, we had only three weeks to deal with all the paperwork in England and Canada. I will tell more about this in another post!

goals and projects

Eventually for the next 6 months

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