Arthur’s Seat Walk, In Edinburgh Scotland

January 4, 2017



My recommendations

This trail is a short one, but I was amazed to see people wearing high-hills, or very light shoes to go to the top. It is quite vertiginous at some point and very slippery if humid. I would highly recommend wearing good walking shoes and taking few snacks and water to go up to the top of Arthur’s Seat.

Vertiginous but magnificent!

However, when well-equipped it is worth the effort. You’ll have to climb up the lasts rocks in a stair-master mode when getting closer to the top. Nevertheless all the way long we enjoyed beautiful sceneries, once more you will say. Well if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t talk about it. In that case, I was glad my daughter told me about that walk in the first place.

After the first slope on Arthur’s Seat

We made a short first stop after the first slope. We already enjoyed a beautiful view over Edinburgh from there and were still able to see the details of the streets and buildings. Anyway, remember the mountain can be tricky, beware of the falling rocks!

The Cliffs on Arthur’s Seat

Later, we begin the ascent of the last slope. But the view is again enjoyable, so it’s time to immortalize it!

Before the last slope close to the top of Arthur’s Seat

The top is offering a great reward! It was outstanding to seat, watch and relax. We took some time to enjoy a little longer than our legs needed to rest, to fully enjoy the moment. We are from the Alps in France, so we are used to higher views over the valleys. Here the view is offering the city of Edinburgh and its seaside. It was quite something!

Arthur’s Seat Top View… Hurray!
One more effort on the way down

On our way back we made an additional loop around St. Margaret’s Loch, starting at St. Anthony’s Chapel Ruins. We didn’t know it first, but we were lucky enough to witness a delightful show. A group of swans was swimming graciously around the loch. We were at the theatre, surrounded by wild scenery. In the centre of Edinburgh! That was amazing literally.

A Scottish-animal version of the Swan Lake when back at the bottom of Arthur’s Seat
One last advice about that walk

We went for that walk on our first day in Edinburgh, before checking in our hotel bedroom. We always travel light with small back-packs. However, we would have preferred to be even lighter on that particular occasion. I give my last advice: don’t carry your suitcase with you for that walk!


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