An Adventurous Walk In The English Moors

November 23, 2016


Ravenscar starting point of the trail. View over Robin Hood’s Bay, North York Moors National Park, England UK

North York Moors National Park provides a considerable amount of walking paths for anyone who wants to be in the wild. We choose the path following the cliffs and the beach. We drove from Scarborough to Ravenscar and wanted to follow the trail up and down, many times, to Robin Hood.

Our choice was guided by few criteria we had: I wanted to walk by the sea and have a sea view from the bedroom. I love seas and oceans, that was the thing I missed most while being in Canada. We wanted to be in the Park the whole time. We didn’t want to spend hours driving, so the closest from Scarborough, the best!


Moors and Cliffs between Ravenscar and Robin Hood, North York Moors National Park, England UK

We were not deceived by our choice. The view remained spectacular from the beginning to the end. We were walking along a footpath which leads us through a various range of scenery from moors, cliffs, countryside to beaches. In two hours of a slow pace walk (I tend to stop regularly to use my camera) we covered so many different sightseeing that we were focused on our surroundings. Two things came out of that: we couldn’t feel the fatigue from going up and down the cliffs, which was pretty good, but the second was a little bit more unpleasant.


Countryside over the cliffs,  between Ravenscar and Robin Hood, North York Moors National Park, England UK

We lost track of the path, and after trying to find the marked trail for more than one hour, we ended completely lost in heavy brambles. I must admit that my will to go and be happy with any circumstances (if not easy every day, at least when travelling) faded completely after thirty minutes of being scratched when my husband started considering going down a cliff and up again without any trail to follow!


Beach of Robin Hood’s Bay, between Ravenscar and Robin Hood, North York Moors National Park, England UK

Well, we (he) came back to our (his) senses. We eventually went back out of the bushes, choose to return to a more civilized land. We headed towards the closest houses. Miracle! We found the path again! We laughed a lot of that misfortune and once more I realized that taking the best part of all events if the unique way to create valuable memories.


Robin Hood Village, North York Moors National Park, England UK

We ended our journey in Robin Hood Village where we gladly enjoyed an amazing (by the taste and the size) Fish and Chips at the very friendly Bay Hotel pub. We relaxed continuing enjoying a most beautiful view of the North Sea.

Our way back was a lot quicker. Not getting lost is, if less funny and adventurous, far more relaxing when one is tired!


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