4+ things to do in Nice in South of France in Winter

December 6, 2017

 1- A walk on the “Promenade des Anglais” a different luxury

Walking in Nice is always a pleasure. It is the very best sunny place, beautiful hotels, blue sea, amazing lights and reflections. People are jogging or merely having their daily walk along the sidewalk. It is a place perfect for both sports and rest. During the summer you can enjoy the warmth and sunbath.

Nice in the winter time

During the winter it’s completely different. I prefer the winter time for it is a less busy place. In the winter, Nice is a perfect “Slow Travel” destination. You can go down the beach and empty your mind for a while. You are facing the sea and stay with yourself, your soul and the blue sparkling infinite water for a while. This place is simply inviting you to slow down. The sea and the blinding sun reflecting on the sea is isolating you from your usual thoughts. You want to sit down. You want to stop and watch. Watch what? Anything still, anything minimal, the line between the sea and the sky, the white pier alone in the water, the few plants on the metallic fence, the square arches greeting the joggers. Just rest and relax.

Winter light

The light in winter is high and deep. It is short but still more intense. Everything is losing its tonality. It is soothing for the eyes this way. The winter light is part of the Nice waterfront. It makes its mood; it’s strange atmosphere. That’s the reason why you would stay here blind and death for few minutes or few hours. I always knew “La Promenade des Anglais” it is so famous for many things, though I can’t even say why it became noticed in the first place. But I walked on it for the first time during the last holidays, and I was quite surprised. It was not flashy or luxurious in appearances as it sounds when people talk about it. There surely are many posh shops, hotels and restaurants around. But the place is first striking by its noble simplicity.

Luxury in a surprising way

Simplicity is the most beautiful way to aim for luxury. You won’t find people dressed in most noticeable clothes; you will see people adorned with a delicate taste for quality. If you stay simple, you will be more successful in obtaining the Nice luxurious style, than trying to add some extravagant golden accessories. This place is not only about clothes, but they represent its whole spirit. This city attains luxury by simplicity. I appreciate that. I do believe in the importance of good quality. We should always ask ourselves before buying something whether good quality but the more expensive choice is better than the cheaper option which will last less. Sometimes the second option is the reasonable one, but many times it is far more sensible to buy much less but opt for the excellent quality.

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2- Cafe “Marc de Café” in Nice

We had many choices when came the time to stop rolling our cabin suitcases on the Nice pavements and have a coffee. So many huge and fancy places. I decided to google “Café” on the Maps app. I found a most exciting place in a very narrow street in the old town. Completely hidden behind the St Reparate Cathedral.

A hidden place downtown Nice

The owner is most kind. The place is tiny but cozy and luminous. The coffees were delicious. The menu offers some excellent tapas too. This cafe is a family friendly stop in the centre of that fancy Southern City.

3- Christmas Village in Nice

Having a Christmas village in a snowy place or a cold, even if not snowy, the area is one thing. We always enjoy some warm drinks, wandering around the different stalls. We are cozily warmed up by our mittens and hats and most of the time will be there at night time and lighten by each shop. It’s a particular mood this Christmas Spirit. It is very different to find it when it’s 10C or more in broad daylight and you are only wearing a light jacket beyond your tee-shirt!

A successful warmer Christmas Market

This market doesn’t bath in the cold winter spirit but certainly has a magical atmosphere. They succeed in fulling the place with the bright impression usually coming from snow. They used the natural sunlight and reflexion, pine trees closing up the area and creating a proper Christmas space.

What about the warmest Christmas on earth?

When you spend the end of the year around the tropics, or in the southern hemisphere, you are in an even warmer atmosphere. I am sure that for people who always knew Christmas in the summertime, there is also no question about snow except for the postcards and photos on Pinterest. But they still know about it. We use to have postcards and tales; now we have internet and television. So how does it feel to live a tradition that is so far away from our weather and spirit conditions? I don’t know and possibly can’t say.

Being understanding always

What I understand is that ones’ reality is very different from others. I realize that for some oldest traditions people have been able to accommodate with things that don’t really fit with them because they were essential to them all the same. I realized that this should remind us that we could accommodate many things without having to fight to stand for things that cannot be. Christmas means hot drinks, soups and heavily sugared biscuits. Christmas means snow and cold, fireplaces, and a Santa that is dressed to suffer the lowest temperatures. For the ones who live their Christmas in the summertime, all this is out of place. They celebrate Christmas with the same songs and stories.

Believe in what counts for us

We can always deal with and achieve things that are not exactly what we wanted if we believe in what they mean. It’s important to have faith in our goals, in ourselves in our loved ones. For thousands of years, religions have led people to belief, but I think it is far much deeper than one religion or another. It is about what is worthy for us and sticking to that.

4- Few Addresses in Nice

If you have more time, several places are worth your time. You can indulge in some delicious things to eat too, after all, it’s Christmas time!

Enjoy some sweet delights at  Canel confiseur.

Visit the beautiful square Place Masena.

Have a look at the almost hidden Cathedral St Reparate.

Enjoy the city walking and car-free: park your car in Parking Nice Notre Dame.

Wander in Notre-Dame de l’Assomption church area.

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