4 apps that will change your well-being habits

Your body and soul have to be looked at and taken care of wherever you are. If this is obvious when you are comfortable surrounded by your usual environment, it far less easy to keep on the good work when you are on the road. Your well-being habits can’t wait for you to have time at home with nothing else to do. They have to be simple and effective. They have to be simple so that you stick to them.

Why looking after your well-being is even more important on the go

It’s even more critical when you are not at home. First, you tend to eat differently, your body is not accustomed to that new delicious food. It’s also a time for more walking exercise, so your muscles also have to endure different stress. You are on vacation from work and usual life it’s the perfect time to unwire your mind and learn, or improve your capabilities, to meditate.

Everything is on my phone

To simplify my family life regarding the “good habits,” I have on my phone some few apps that can help us anywhere regarding relaxation and sports.

The thing is, you always have your phone with you wherever you go. So having all these on your phone is the best choice. I prefer to do my yoga with my iPad because the screen is bigger, but I do not take it when I travel, and that’s precisely when I travel that I need my yoga sessions the most. I also realized that whatever I adore yoga or not, it’s far easier to find in my minimalist luggage a proper yoga outfit ( anything comfy will do) or accessories (any hotel towel). Also, you don’t have to carry huge trainers. The other thing is, after your session you don’t end up with some smelly sweaty outfit, or soaked swim-suit.

In any case, I want things done, but the easier, the better!

What kind of apps is right for your well-being?

I have one for meditation, for the soul’s good health and all the right things it can do in everyday life. One other is for yoga because it’s the perfect exercise to unwire your muscles straightforwardly. I also have one for background sounds and melodies because when travelling a lot, it’s sometimes difficult to have a rest. These pure sounds help me isolate from a noisy environment to relax. Eventually, I have one to keep track of my exercises. This is a good thing to do all year long. Keeping track of your favourite activity is the best way to exercise, even better: challenge yourself.

I chose some apps that are free or purchased for very little money. No need to pay tens to keep track and exercise. Keep it simple even considering such an important aspect of your life. That’s not because you’ll spend 50 dollars or pounds a month that you will take action.

I chose apps that are Apple and Android-friendly because half the family is Apple, half is Android. Having the same apps is helpful, easier and a good way to add some family time having everyone involved.

I chose apps that help us do all these essential things within little time. Well-being doesn’t have to take long. We are not all of us intensely practicing any of the above activities. What’s important here is to do your best to practice a little bit every day. We can’t spend everyday half an hour meditating, 45min doing yoga and go running 1 hour. I wanted to keep it simple and flexible. The meditation and the yoga apps are for short sessions.

Eventually my choices

Relax Melodies will allow you to create your peaceful audio background combining as you wish tens of melodies or sounds. It also includes some mediation sessions.

Simple Habit has meditation sessions that last between 5 and 10 min.  You have lots of “one-week series.” It helps vary your practice; this is helpful for anyone who wants to improve or have a curious mind. It’s also useful for children so they won’t get bored. Well-being starts with your soul so work on it!

Yoga Studio has two different ways of practicing. You can either use some of the 15/30 min practices classified by theme or create your own with the different positions you like more. Simple, personalized, what else?

Runtastic is a fantastic app to keep track whether you are beginner or pro. This one is specialized for running, but it also registers tens of other different sports. You can create your own yearly challenge goal and link with your “team” by connecting with others.

Where to find them

For Apple phones you can learn more and download these 4 apps clicking on the images:

Relax Melodies

Simple Habit

Yoga Studio


For Android phones you can learn more and download these 4 apps clicking on the images:

Relax Melodies

Simple Habit

Yoga Studio


Enjoy, have fun and take action!


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