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Christmas Tip #4 For A Mindful Family Time

December 18, 2016
For Christmas tip #4, it’s time for a little exercise:

Take a themed walk, no shopping allowed!

I think that it’s become too easy to get things nowadays. When I say “get” indeed I mean “buy.” I was listening two women, older than me, a few days ago. In the Christmas shopping spirit, they were chatting about how things were so different few decades ago. They were explaining that people used to save money and ideas of much-needed things to buy for the Christmas time. Today they feel like we are creating needs for things to have as many presents as possible under the Christmas tree. People can so easily have the things they need, that they even don’t consider them as presents. Anyway, as everyone is getting what he needs as soon as he wants, we have to find new ideas for Christmas or birthdays presents. Here when I say “new ideas” I mean “mostly useless things.”

Take a themed walk

Find a map that children can learn to follow and have fun with guiding you. Look for Geocaches. You don’t have to be an expert on that, just try once in a while. Maybe you’ll become an addicted pro, but honestly, it can remain something exceptional and fun to change ones routine. Try to find a list of objects in your neighbourhood.

You can find happiness anywhere but wander in shops! Then tell me how you did it…☀️

The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen

Today a link to a quite short story very well known by name, but take time to reread it here.


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