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2 Places To Visit In Kew Gardens in London England

January 6, 2017

Kew Gardens is a vast place. You could spend the whole day in it and not see it all if you take the time needed.

Try to sort out and make a choice.

In that kind of place if you don’t make your choice before going your visit may end up in complete chaos. If you go with friends or family, especially with young children, everyone will have a go in choosing an attraction to see, and no one will be happy with the option taken in the end. You must organize your day starting with: “we’ll go visit the… whatever… in Kew Gardens, today and have a picnic” and not “We are going to Kew Gardens today!”

What we chose


For our first visit, we wanted to see the Hive because it was a freshly add attraction. It was quick nevertheless, so we knew we would go to the Palm House after that. It was a gigantic greenhouse, with a warm and humid atmosphere that let us feel like we were back in the tropics.


Not too bad for a beginning. The place is lovely; you’ll be able to walk up and down stairs, admiring tropical plants of all sizes. You can also have a free manicure with the Garra Rufa fishes if you wish. My children did enjoy this one.

The Palm House special annexe

What I did like most, however, where the carnivore plants. On the side of the Palm House, there is a small annexe with some very delicate and tiny plants. When you look carefully at them, they are most beautiful. They will certainly not eat a full insect in front of you like you can watch them do in cartoons, but they are moving from time to time, and this adds to the curiosity of the greenhouse.

Kew Gardens in few words

As I said there is much more to see in these beautiful gardens. Be there is also a lot happening behind the scene if you want to know more, follow this link: science projects.

Keep in mind, if you plan to visit regularly, that the yearly membership is a very interesting option. You will also receive many invitations for celebrations along the year.

Check out the Christmas time, because the lights are fantastic!


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