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Get Organized | Life and Goals

5 Tips For A Mom’s Lighter Schedule

September is a new beginning, and we are full of hope and motivation for this new school year. However, even if your motivation is sky-high, don’t over-estimate your energy and capabilities. With this post-vacation excitement, we are signing for too many things for our children and ourselves. We are still feeling some summer breeze in […]

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SageOnEarth Voyages Farewell

This is it, one of the two times of the year I’m using as a break in my usual posts. For two weeks I’ll be reviewing everything I have written since January. This week is about my “Voyages” (Travels) category, presenting Postcards and photo guides. For the ones who have been following me for more than […]

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Clarify | Life and Goals

Be Present, End Of Summer Mindfulness For Moms

Mid-August is the time when we are starting to see the summer flying by quickly. We are thinking about September already, especially about back-to-school. We are not in the present anymore as we are already anticipating the coming rush. Nevertheless, it is time to work on our good habits and get healthy routines. We still have […]

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Life and Goals | Refocus

Use Meditation To Refocus On Your Priorities

In the search for your new self as a busy devoted but fulfilled mom, you certainly need some help to learn how to focus on your inner self. We always tend to guess, know or try to understand what’s best for our children, husband, parents, pets, colleagues, friends or neighbours, whoever they are, you certainly try […]

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