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About Our Guides

We believe in a slow travelling approach when visiting a place, whether it is new or not. That’s why we have been working hard for years in order to enjoy a way of travelling that we would have loved to find as a turnkey solution in the first place. We created it! We now wander around the world, quietly on our own for short, long, or very long journeys, it doesn’t matter, the pace is given. Eventually, we thought it was time to share this experience and help those who seek another way of travelling too.

SageOnEarth Slow Travel Guides and Photo Albums from our VIP Library



   photo album venice

Hyeres    Guide Cambridge

    Slow Travel Guide Amsterdam

   guide, Slow Travel Guide, Lyon

How to use the “Slow Travel Guides” in Lyon and Amsterdam

We tried to make it simple because simplicity gives you the pace for slow travelling, but we really want you to enjoy this book. We dedicated a huge amount of work to these pages so we prefer to tell you exactly how it works.

It contains all the links you could need about as much information as possible, these are explicit or embedded in the text when it’s underlined and blue. Some of the links may not be in English, but we wanted you to have it anyway so you could request a translation from Google… better than no info at all!

As the main subject of our guide is wandering, enjoying the view and discovering new places, we know that you will need to eat and rest. So we added a “Shop, Eat and Sleep” chapter. It will ensure that you will always be comfortable when maintaining the SageOnEarth spirit: simplicity and authenticity.