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Postcard From The Canadian Railway

Today I want to tell you a lovely winter tale. This one is precious because it exists and we lived it during these holidays! When we set foot on the Canadian soil this summer, the first thing we did was to book some tickets for the famous Trans-Canada railway trip. The line runs between Toronto and […]

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Slow Travelling

Great News: You Can Slow Travel From Home!

In my last post, I explained how much I love travelling during September and October, but the truth is we haven’t done it that much since our kids started school. Except for last year because England happens to enjoy many school breaks, especially some in October. Before that and from now, we always try to […]

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A Day Visit in Cambridge England

We hopped on a train from King’s Cross station to spend a short weekend in one of the most famous University cities in the world. We were there for a festive weekend. Some students were graduating, there were many visitors, and the streets were even more busy than usual. Cambridge is a balancing between the […]

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